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image of ShkoderShkoder, also known as Shkodra, is a city in Albania, situated on Lake Skadar in the northwest of the country. It’s one of Albania’s most historic towns and features many different historical and cultural attractions along with scenery and outdoor recreation to enjoy in the surrounding area too.

There is no airport in Shkoder itself, so most flights to Shkoder arrive at the Tirana International Airport (airport code: TIA) instead. There is a regular train service between Tirana and Shkoder. You can get a flight to Shkoder, arriving in Tirana with Turkish Airlines or Lufthansa from South Africa with single connections in Istanbul and Munich, respectively. For 2-stop flights, you can book with South African Airways or Egyptair. They both connect in Cairo and Athens. Flights to Shkoder range from 15 hours long, to more than 20.

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The Tourist Attractions of Shkoder:

Shkoder is an attractive city amidst attractive surroundings making this a popular choice with tourists who like to experience some variety when on holiday. In the city itself you’ll find picturesque streets and a range of different architecture and monuments while outside the centre of Shkoder there’s the lake and nearby mountains to visit. The main landmarks in the Shkoder area include the following:

Rozafa Castle

Rozafa Castle is probably the best known landmark of the city despite the fact that it’s actually located just outside the city centre on a hill overlooking Shkoder. The hill has been occupied since ancient times and what you can see here today dates mostly from the Venetian occupation of the region. You can wander around the site and explore the various fortifications that still stand here, or simply sit back and enjoy the distant views that the hilltop position offers.

Religious Landmarks in Shkoder

As you walk around the centre of Shkoder you’ll come across a mixture of religious structures from the different religions represented here. The Ebu Beker Mosque is one of these – an impressive and beautiful mosque to serve the muslims of Shkoder. Shkoder Cathedral is another and this is for the Roman Catholics; it was completed in 1867. The Shkoder Orthodox Cathedral has the fairly typical orthodox architecture and is a modern building, while the Church of Our Lady of Shkoder is a more historical landmark.

Lake Skadar

Shkoder sits on the shores of Lake Skadar and the lake was actually named after the city. It’s the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula and half of it is actually within Montenegro. The lake provides a scenic backdrop for Shkoder and the opportunity for enjoying the water, while on the Montenegro side of the lake it’s been declared a national park.

When Should You Visit?:

There’s a Mediterranean climate in Shkoder which means the city remains relatively warm throughout the year. Summer is the best time to visit as temperatures are fairly hot and rainfall is at its lowest. Spring, autumn and winter do also have mild to war temperatures but rainfall is significantly higher and November is the wettest month of the year so best avoided. The aver age high in July and August is 32C while in January it is 9C.

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