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Flights to Encamp

image of EncampEncamp is a parish and town in the small European country of Andorra. It’s one of Andorra’s popular tourist destinations, offering both winter and summer activities.

There are no flights to Encamp, because Andorra has no airports. The most convenient way to get to Encamp is with a flight to Barcelona Airport (airport code: BCN), and then take the bus to Encamp. It’s roughly a 3 hour drive. You can get a non-stop flight to Barcelona with Iberia, or stop in Munich with either South African Airways or Lufthansa. The route with British Airways makes a connection in London. Most flights to Encamp (landing at Barcelona) are around 15 hours or less from South Africa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Encamp:

Like most towns in Andorra Encamp is only small and the parish has a permanent population of around 12,000 people. During its peak seasons which are winter and summer, the population increases rapidly as tourists come here to enjoy winter sports or hiking and scenery. Encamp doesn’t have tons to do but it will appeal to tourists who want to enjoy outdoor activities amidst quieter surrounds than many of Europe’s other resort areas.

Cable Car to Lake Engolasters

One of Encamp’s most popular attractions is the cable car that connects the town to Lake Engolasters. This is a 3.9 mile (6.2 km) journey that takes you over the mountain trees to this small, yet very scenic lake. A little further on is the village of Engolasters with its famous Church of Saint Miquel of Engolasters.

Encamp Town

Encamp itself is an attractive little town that has the perfect mix of old and new architecture. There are quaint streets with attractive stone buildings and homes, interspersed with more modern and striking architecture. There are a number of shops within the town centre making Encamp a popular shopping destination too.

Outdoor Activities in Encamp

Wherever you are in Andorra you’re never far away from great hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter, and Encamp is no exception. This attractive little town is close to outdoor activities for both seasons and so it makes a good base from which to stay and then explore the surroundings. With a range of shops, restaurants and other services in Encamp you should have everything you’d need here for an enjoyable holiday in relaxing surroundings.

When Should You Visit?:

Because the whole of Andorra is situated at higher elevations the climate in Andorra is usually a few degrees cooler than the countries surrounding it. So in the summer you’ll want to visit at the warmest time, July and August, if you’re planning to hike into the mountains. The weather at this time of year should be generally warm and sunny, though be prepared for sudden weather changes. During the winter Encamp is very popular with skiers and the high elevation means you’re pretty much guaranteed a good snow fall each year. Temperatures are obviously cooler in the winter but not overly cold so you can enjoy being outside without freezing!

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