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Flights to the Vanadzor

image of VanadzorVanadzor is situated in north central Armenia and it’s the country’s third largest city. Generally considered to be one of the prettiest cities in Armenia, Vanadzor has a selection of sights for tourists to see.

There is no local airport for flights to Vanadzor, so if you want to catch a flight to Vanadzor from South Africa you’ll have to arrange to arrive at the Zvartnots International Airport (airport code: EVN) near Yerevan. From there, you can take a taxi or shuttle bus to Vanadzor. Flights to Yerevan with one transfer in London are offered by Virgin Atlantic and BMI, or you can transfer in Paris with Air France. A 2-stop option is available with Lufthansa, connecting in Munich and Vienna.

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The Tourist Attractions of the Vanadzor:

Vanadzor has plenty going for it as a tourist destination. Not only does the city feature lots of attractive architecture, but it’s surrounded by scenic mountains and set within a river valley, so there’s pretty countryside to enjoy here too. The architecture of Vanadzor is definitely the main attraction within the city, and it’s particularly well known for its many summer residences called ‘dachas’.

Vanadzor Landmarks

As you wander around this city you’re going to see numerous examples of attractive architecture alongside some not so nice architectural examples! There are classic and grand buildings such as Vanadzor City Hall, and the very smart Vanadzor Cultural Palace which are fine examples of contemporary Armenian architecture plus there’s the chance to see some classic Soviet era architecture from the time when Armenia was part of the Soviet Union.

The Vanadzor Railway Station is a good example of the latter. This was built during Soviet times and has been virtually untouched since construction and the fall of the Soviet Union. Once this was a bustling and busy train station with trains connecting to all over Europe but today there’s just a line that goes as far as Tbilisi.

Churches in Vanadzor

Vanadzor isn’t short of churches either and they cover a different range of architectural styles so no two are really the same. Karakilisa Church, meaning Black Church in Turkish is one of the most famous. It’s a great example of historical architecture in Vanadzor and has striking black and orange walls. It’s believed that the church dates back to the 13th century and gave its name to the city as Vanadzor was formerly known as Karakilis, amongst other names.

Two other attractive churches in Vanadzor include the Russian Orthodox Church and the Saint Gregory of Narek Cathedral.

When Should You Visit?:

Vanadzor is set in a river valley but it is at a high elevation so the climate here will be cooler than in other parts of the country, though there aren’t usually extremes of temperature. Summers are mild, getting up to around 20C in July and August. Considering the elevation winters are actually relatively mild with an average temperature of -4C, however this is probably far too cold for most people for enjoying sightseeing or being outside in general.

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