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image of YerevanLocated in central west Armenia, Yerevan is the country’s largest and capital city, and it’s one of the world’s oldest continually inhabited cities. Alongside the history Yerevan actually has a modern side and is becoming increasingly popular with tourists from around the world.

Yerevan is home to Armenia’s main international airport, the Zvartnots International Airport (airport code: EVN) which is located about 12 kilometres outside the city centre. From South Africa you won’t find any direct flights to Yerevan; most of the availability is with two stop flights except for a few airlines including BMI who offers a flight to Yerevan via London Heathrow, and Air France via Paris, though with connection times you might find a two stop flight actually works out better. Among the airlines offering two stop flights to Yerevan from South Africa are British Airways, South African Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, and Turkish Airlines.

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The Tourist Attractions of the Yerevan:

With tourism in Armenia on the up, Yerevan is at the centre of the tourism industry in the country. This ancient city offers history combined with modern touches including luxury hotels and high class restaurants, bars and even nightclubs, giving Yerevan a lively nightlife. There are numerous sights to see around the city and on its outskirts including the following top attractions:

Erebuni Fortress

One of Yerevan’s most famous sights is the Erebuni Fortress, also known as Arin Berd. This fortified city was founded in 782BC and there are still some walls and parts of buildings that are still intact to this day. It’s open to the public plus there’s a museum here that includes artefacts which have been uncovered during archaeological digs.

Armenia Museum of Art and History

Yerevan is home to several excellent museums including the Armenia Museum of Art and History that’s divided into the National Gallery of Armenia and the History Museum of Armenia. The Gallery has over 19,000 works of art some of which date back to the middles ages.

Several other museums of art exist in Yerevan also, including the Museum of Folk Art of Armenia, the Museum of Russian Art, and the Gerard L Cafesijian Museum of Art. Yerevan also has many house museums that offers visitors the chance to see inside some of the city’s houses.

Republic Square

A great deal of Yerevan’s architectural heritage is from Soviet times, and some of this Soviet era architecture may not be to everybody’s tastes. Republic Square however offers a very attractive side to Soviet era architecture in Yerevan and includes important buildings such as the Houses of Government, the Ministry of Communications, and the Foreign Ministry.

Katoghike Church

Yerevan has a number of churches and even a mosque, but Katoghike, also known as St Holy Mother of God, is the oldest church in Yerevan. The appeal of this church is its age but also its size and architecture – it’s a tiny church built in a typical Armenian style.

When Should You Visit?:

Yerevan has a semi arid continental climate so it’s quite a dry city with hot summers, and cold snowy winters. Summertime average high temperatures range between 31 and 34C but due to the relatively high elevation of Yerevan, evenings are quite cool in comparison. Winters are cold and snowy so not a good time for sightseeing.

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