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Flights to Linz

image of LinzLinz is the third largest city in Austria and it’s located in the north central part of the country. Situated on the River Danube Linz is primarily an industrial city but is now attracting a growing number of tourists with its culture and landmarks.

Flights to Linz will arrive at the Linz Airport (airport code: LNZ), more commonly known as the Blue Danube Airport. It’s about 10 kilometres from downtown Linz. The only 1-stop flights to Linz from South Africa are with South African Airways and Lufthansa. They have transfers in Frankfurt and Munich respectively. Virgin Atlantic will take you through London as well as Munich, and a flight to Linz with Egyptair goes through Cairo and then Vienna. Flight times can vary between 12 and 20 hours in length.

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The Tourist Attractions of Linz:

Linz was founded in Roman times so it’s an ancient city like many others in Europe though it’s not readily known for its historical attractions. There is an old town here but it doesn’t offer the same charm and appeal as somewhere like Salzburg does hence if you’re looking for a quaint old town atmosphere then a visit to Salzburg may be better!

What Linz does offer, along with its old town, is a collection of more modern architecture and lots of culture, providing visitors with a look at the Austria of today.

Lentos Art Museum

One of Linz’s landmarks that is most definitely modern is the Lentos Art Museum. It’s one of the most important modern art museums in Austria and opened in 2003 in its striking and specially designed building. The transparent glass exterior is really striking especially when lit up at night. The collection is continually expanding and is currently about 1500 strong, consisting of paintings, sculptures, object art, photographs and more.

Linz New Cathedral

The New Cathedral of Linz (also known as Cathedral of the Virgin Mary) is another top landmark of the city. Construction began in 1855 and the cathedral was consecrated in 1924. The French high gothic style gives the cathedral a hint of Notre Dame style. It’s certainly large like Notre Dame and is in fact the largest cathedral in Austria.

Other Landmarks in Linz

Among the other landmarks in Linz is Austria’s oldest church, Saint Martin’s church, which was built in early medieval Carolingian times. Standing on a hill overlooking the city one of the most prominent landmarks is the Postlingberg church, another of many churches in Linz.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers are reasonably warm in Linz and you can enjoy sightseeing in mild to warm temperatures from May to September. July is the warmest month and the average high then is 23C, though actual daily highs often are hotter than this. Winters are not as cold as you might think from an Austrian city but tourists not used to cooler temperatures will likely find the winter months are too cold for sightseeing. The average high in January for example is 0.5C while the average low is -5C.

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