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image of MinskMinsk is both the capital and the largest city of Belarus in Eastern Europe. Minsk is situated in the centre of the country and though this is an historic city it was largely destroyed during World War 2, then rebuilt in the following years.

Flights to Minsk will arrive at the Minsk International Airport (airport code: MSQ), about 40 kilometres east of the city. There is a shuttle bus as well as taxis and rental cars to get you to the city. A flight to Minsk with South African Airlines will make one transfer in Frankfurt, and Lufthansa takes the same route for their 17 hour flight. Travelling with Virgin Atlantic will take you through London and so will British Airways. Their flights to Minsk are closer to 20 hours.

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The Tourist Attractions of Minsk:

Despite being the capital city of Belarus, Minsk is not readily thought of as a tourist destination, leaving the majority of visitors to Belarus to travel to the city of Brest. However Minsk does appeal on a number of levels, and if you have a few days to spare can make an interesting city to visit. Soviet built architecture is quite predominant, along with a large number of beautiful churches, both Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic, plus museums, parks, theatres and nightlife, proving that underneath the surface Minsk can actually make an appealing tourist destination.

Minsk Churches

Minsk has a large collection of churches, most very beautiful both inside and out. Saint Peter and Saint Paul Church is worth visiting as it’s the oldest church in Minsk; originally constructed in 1613 and restored in 1871. Though this is a Russian Orthodox church it’s not built in the orthodox style, so if domes and towers appeal to you you’d be best visiting one of the other Russian Orthodox churches in Minsk such as the Church of St George, Church of St Mary Magdalene, Church of St Alexander Nevsky, and Church of All Saints, to name a few.

Roman Catholic churches are overseen by the large Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary, which was built in 1710 originally as a church of the Jesuit monastery.

Museums in Minsk

As the capital of Belarus, Minsk holds several national museums. These include the Belarusian National History and Culture Museum where you can find out more about the history and culture of Minsk and Belarus as a whole. The Belarusian National Arts Museum concentrates on art and it’s the largest museum in the country, while the Belarusian Nature and Environment Museum is also based here in Minsk.

Other Minsk museums include the Ethnography and Folklore Museum, the Old Belarusian History Museum, and the Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum which is an enjoyable visit for anyone interested in this part of Belarus’ military history and vehicles.

When Should You Visit?:

There’s a humid continental climate in Minsk which means the city has warm and humid summers and cold, damp winters. Two thirds of the city’s rainfall occurs in the summer, mostly between May and September, when average high temperatures range between 18C and 22.4C. With the moist air and rain and snowfall during the winter, the average high in January of -2.7C often feels even colder, making winter an unfavourable time to visit Minsk.

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