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image of MogilevSituated in eastern Belarus is the city of Mogilev, the third largest in the country. Though Mogilev is a major industrial and economical city for Belarus there are several attractions of interest to tourists.

The small Mogilev Airport (airport code: MVQ) only operates for local and charter flights to Mogilev, so international flights to Mogilev will have to land at the Minsk International Airport (code: MSQ). From Minsk, you can take the train to Mogilev. You can fly to Minsk with Lufthansa, and stop once in Frankfurt or with Virgin Atlantic for a connection in London. Or you can stop in both cities with a 2-stop flight with British Airways. The average flight time from South Africa is around 18 hours.

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The Tourist Attractions of Mogilev:

Mogilev is not readily considered to be one of Belarus’ major tourist destinations even though there are several attractions here that could put the city on the tourist map. Considering the historical nature of Mogilev it’s surprising there aren’t more in the way of historical attractions, as the city was founded in 1267. The two major landmarks in Mogilev date from the 15th and 16th centuries, and are described below, however this relatively small city does also feature some attractive architecture and has a somewhat quaint atmosphere to it.

St Stanislaw’s Cathedral

St Stanislaw’s Cathedral is undoubtedly the main attraction of Mogilev. It was built between 1738 and 1752 in the Baroque style of architecture. The striking white exterior makes this cathedral shine in any light and the tall columns on the façade add a touch of the Classical to the cathedral too.

Inside Mogilev’s cathedral is even better. The interior is best known for its beautiful murals that have been painted on both the walls and the ceilings of the cathedral. There’s lots of gilding on the inside of the cathedral too and the gilded altarpiece is particularly striking.

The Convent of St Nicholas

Second to the cathedral the most popular attraction in Mogilev is the Convent of St Nicholas. The convent and the surrounding site are actually under consideration to be added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites and if it is granted this status then the popularity of both the convent and the city of Mogilev as a whole will certainly increase. Perhaps now is a good time to visit before Mogilev is discovered by the masses!

The Convent features its own magnificent cathedral that pre-dates the main cathedral in Mogilev. It was built in 1668. Also preserved on the convent grounds are the bell tower, walls and gates, and the original iconostasis. This is a screen that features icons and would separate the sanctuary from the nave.

Other Attractions in Mogilev

In addition to the two main attractions above there are a couple of other sights worth visiting in Mogilev too. Dating from the 1780s are two landmarks – the archiepiscopal palace and memorial arch. Mogilev’s Square of Stars is another landmark. This square features a large sculpture of an astronomer and telescope while around the outside are 12 chairs that represent the twelve sign of the zodiac.

When Should You Visit?:

Winters can be quite cold in Mogilev so this isn’t really a good time to visit for sightseeing. Summers are the better time of year despite that fact that they can be the wetter time of year and temperatures are mild.

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