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Flights to Bouillon

image of BouillonBest known for Bouillon Castle, the town of Bouillon is located in the Walloon Region of Belgium, in the Luxembourg Province. Though the castle is the main attraction, Bouillon is an attractive town and worth exploring in more detail.

The best airport for flights to Bouillon is the Brussels Airport (airport code: BRU), less than 2 hours away by car. Lufthansa has a flight to Brussels that connects once in Munich, and both South African Airways and British Airways have their stops in London. Austrian Airlines offers a 2-stop option, connecting in Frankfurt and then again in Vienna for their flight to Bouillon. Most flights to Bouillon (arriving in Brussels) will take between 14 and 20 hours, including lay-over times.

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The Tourist Attractions of Bouillon:

Bouillon’s main attraction is undoubtedly the castle, and while there aren’t too many other specific attractions in Bouillon it’s a picturesque town, making this a nice place to stay.

Bouillon Castle

The expansive Bouillon Castle was first mentioned in 988 but it actually has its origins much earlier than this. Chosen for the strategic position, Bouillon Castle stands on a rocky outcrop where the River Semois takes a sharp bend. This gave defenders a great view both down and upstream, and meant that attack wasn’t easy. Today this location makes Bouillon Castle very photogenic set against the river and historical stone bridges.

The majority of the castle was built in medieval times and was inherited by Godfrey of Bouillon in 1082. He subsequently sold it and with the proceeds from the sale funded the First Crusade. In the late 17th century Bouillon Castle was adapted for heavy artillery.

What’s great about Bouillon Castle is how well it’s been preserved and because of this it’s actually considered one of the best in Belgium. Bouillon Castle is open to the public so you can tour around the extensive buildings and experience the great views over the little town of Bouillon.

Bouillon Town

Bouillon is only a small town and it’s dominated by the castle, but there are still some other things to see and do here. Bouillon is particularly renowned for its chocolate shops so if you like Belgian chocolate you’ll love wandering the streets of Bouillon! There are multiple shops where you can sample chocolates and buy a box or two to take back home.

Walks along the River Semois are a nice way to spend an afternoon in Bouillon. If you want to get out of the town the area surrounding Bouillon is heavily forested so also makes for a nice place to go for a walk or a hike, especially on a summer’s day. Horse riding and cycling are popular in the region too.

When Should You Visit?:

Bouillon is definitely best visited during the summer months when there’s warm weather. July and August are warmest with an average high of 22C, making this a pleasant time for walks and sightseeing. Late spring and early autumn can be good too, though a little cooler. Winters are temperate so not too cold, but the average high in January is 5C.

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