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image of BrusselsBrussels is the capital city of Belgium in Western Europe and is nicknamed ‘Europe’s capital’ because of the importance the city holds within the European Union as a whole.

Flights to Brussels from South Africa are available with a large number of airlines, though none offer direct flights from any of South Africa’s cities. From Johannesburg’s OR Tambo airport you can fly via Addis Ababa, Madrid, Cairo, Zurich, Amsterdam, Munich and London Heathrow with the following airlines: Ethiopian Airlines, Iberia, Egyptair, Swiss, KLM, Lufthansa, British Airways (BA), Virgin Atlantic, South African Airways (SAA) and BMI.

From most other cities in South Africa you would fly via Johannesburg, except from Cape Town with BA and SAA who both offer one stop at London.

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The Tourist Attractions of Brussels:

Brussels offers visitors an eclectic mix of modern and historical. On the one hand it’s a thriving and very important modern city as the administrative capital of the European Union and also the political capital of NATO; whilst on the other hand the city has a beautiful, all be it small, historical centre.

Unfortunately when the city was chosen as the capital in the 19th century, the city planners didn’t have much forward planning and decided in their wisdom to demolish most of the historical buildings to make way for the new! Because of this, Brussels is more recognised these days as a centre for business rather than as a centre for tourism.

The most famous landmark is the Main Square. You’ll notice as you make your way around the city that all place names and signs have two versions. One is Dutch and one is French, as Brussels is bi-lingual. The Main Square then is called la Grande Place and de Grote Markt.

The Main Square is dominated by the city tower and a range of other historic buildings, all around 300 years old.

A short distance from here is the amusing Manneken Pis. This is a small bronze statue of a child relieving himself, and what’s amusing is the fact that Belgians have made hundreds of different outfits for this statue, each one with a hole to allow the water to come out at the appropriate place! You never know what outfit the statue will be wearing next time you see it!

Brussels is home to a range of museums, including art museums, history museums and a natural sciences museum. The Royal Museum for Central Africa houses a one of a kind collection of ethnographic objects from Central Africa.

Brussels is a great city for shopaholics! You can visit the world’s first shopping mall, which opened in 1847 and has a range of boutiques, café’s, restaurants, bookshops, a theatre and a cinema. Belgium is famous for its chocolate, and chocolate shops are aplenty, though quality and price can vary hugely!

Other products Belgium is famous for are beer and lace, and you can buy both of these in Brussels too. For lace, visit the shops around the Main Square and for beer visit Beer Mania which is said to have a stock of over 400 different types of beer!

With its reputation for beer, it’s understandable that Brussels has quite a number of drinking establishments where you can usually sample the many different beers. The city also has quite a vibrant nightlife.

When Should You Visit?:

Brussels has a temperate climate and as such it’s mild and relatively damp all year round. The average low temperature does not drop below freezing, whilst the average high in July and August is in the low 20’s C (73F). Rainfall is fairly constant all year, with the wettest months by a small margin, being July and December.

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