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image of MechelenLocated in the centre of the Flanders region of Belgium is the historical city of Mechelen. Though not as well known as places like Bruges, Mechelen still offers some lovely old architecture and a vibrant atmosphere.

Since Mechelen is only 25 kilometres from Brussels, you can get the best options if you arrive at the Brussels Airport (airport code: BRU). There are a dozen major airlines with flights to Mechelen (arriving in Brussels), so there is no shortage of choice. South African Airways makes one stop in London, as does British Airways. Lufthansa has a route through Munich and Iberia stops in Madrid. If you choose a flight to Mechelen with Austrian Airlines, there will be two connections, in Frankfurt and Vienna.

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The Tourist Attractions of Mechelen:

While Mechelen isn’t as well known as some other Belgian cities this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit! Mechelen in fact has a great many historical and beautiful buildings to see and is often less crowded than somewhere like Bruges is in the peak season. During those summer month Mechelen has a lovely atmosphere and you can sit outside enjoying cafés and restaurants, and strolling around some of the town’s great shops.

St Rumbold’s Cathedral

The most striking landmark in Mechelen is St Rumbold’s Cathedral. This huge building towers over other buildings around it, and was started around the year 1200. It took over 300 years for the cathedral to be completed, and that included the tall tower which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tower is very popular as you can climb the 14 steps to the top for some amazing views over Mechelen. The cathedral is also famous for its carillon bells. There are 49 of them and all are still in working order today.

Mechelen Market Square

The Market Square, or Grote Markt, has the cathedral at one end of it and a number of other historical buildings. This is the heart of Mechelen and is one of those popular places during the summer as there are numerous cafés and restaurants here.

Apart from the cathedral, important buildings include the Lakenhal which was the original hall for merchants of woollen cloth to trade. There’s the 14th century belfry next to this; another World Heritage Site, and today’s City Hall.

Museums in Mechelen

Mechelen is home to several more unique museums which are a great visit if you enjoy seeing something a little different. There’s the Toy Museum for example, which needs no introductions, but consider also visiting the Clocks and Watches Museum. This is a privately owned museum where you can get a personal tour from the owners themselves and find out many things you probably never knew about clock and watches!

When Should You Visit?:

Mechelen has pleasant temperatures during the summer when average highs will get up around 22.5 in the warmest months, July and August. This means it’s warm enough for sitting outside though you will have to pack an umbrella or jacket as Mechelen can be quite wet, along with the rest of Belgium! Though annual rainfall levels aren’t overly high, it’s the fact that rainfall is possible at any time of year.

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