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Flights to Zenica

image of ZenicaZenica is the fourth largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it’s situated roughly centrally within the country. Although an industrial city Zenica does have a number of tourist attractions, especially in its old quarter, making this an interesting alternative to some of the country’s better known cities.

Zenica doesn’t have its own airport, so any flights to Zenica should arrive at the Sarajevo International Airport (airport code: SJJ) instead. It is only 50 kilometres between Sarajevo and Zenica. Lufthansa has a route to Sarajevo that makes a stop-over in Munich from South Africa, and Turkish Airlines also has a 1-stop flight through Istanbul. Virgin Atlantic and British Airways both have the same route, with stops in London and Vienna. The duration of flights to Zenica range between 12 and 25 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Zenica:

Despite being well known and publicised as an industrial city Zenica is really quite an attractive place to visit. For starters, it’s surrounded by hills and mountains so there’s a scenic backdrop to the city. It’s also situated on the Bosna River, another feature that makes this an attractive town. The centre of the newer part of the city has tall buildings and quite a substantial skyline, with shops and restaurants to enjoy, while there’s a contrasting old quarter too which is far quainter and picturesque.

The Old Quarter

The Old Quarter, known locally as Stara Carsija, is a pretty part of Zenica and definitely a focus for tourists. It features quaint historic buildings and narrower streets that are lined with some of Zenica’s cafés and restaurants where, during the summer, you can enjoy al fresco dining.

In terms of specific attractions there are a few landmarks in the old quarter to head for. The first is Zenica’s former synagogue. It dates from 1906 but now houses the City Museum and Art Gallery where you can see and find out more about Zenica. The town mosque is another attraction in the old quarter as is an historic farm house.

Just Outside Zenica

As Zenica is surrounded by hills and mountains there are many places where you can enjoy a walk or a hike up in the hills, usually enjoying some spectacular views as you do so.

Another attraction just a few miles outside Zenica is the Vranduk Fortress. The fortress was built in medieval times and still features its stone walls and towers. The hillside location makes this a scenic attraction too, and at certain times of the year there are events and festivals held here in the fortress grounds.

When Should You Visit?:

The best time to visit Zenica for sightseeing is during the summer, from June to August as temperatures are warmest then. August is the hottest month with an average high of 28C though by September that has dropped to 20C and the rainfall is the highest of any month in the year. Winters can be fairly harsh, cold and snowy in Zenica though the surrounding mountains do look particularly scenic when covered in snow!

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