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Zagora image of Stara ZagoraStara Zagora is Bulgaria’s sixth largest city. It’s located just south of Central Bulgaria in the Stara Zagora Province and has over 8,000 years of history to offer tourists.

The local Stara Zagora Airport (airport code: SZR) is not currently operating for any commercial air traffic, so flights to Stara Zagora from South Africa will have to arrive at the Bourgas Airport (code: BOJ) instead. It’s about 155 kilometres away but is the nearest one to the city to offer international flights to Stara Zagora. Lufthansa will stop twice, in Frankfurt and then Dublin, and South African Airways has a route to Bourgas that has connections in London and Dublin.

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The Tourist Attractions of Stara Zagora:

With its founding going back some 8,000 years, Stara Zagora is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. With this ancient history it’s no surprise that Stara Zagora has several historical attractions to visit as well as museums, and attractive shopping streets.

Roman Sites in Stara Zagora

Stara Zagora was the second largest Roman city in the province of Thrace, so an important place in its time, when it was named Augusta Traiana. There are several remains of that large Roman city still standing in Stara Zagora today. Part of a Roman amphitheatre exists where the western gate to the city would have been. Outside the city centre, and somewhat overgrown with plants and grass, is the remains of the Roman Baths.

Inside the Post Office of Stara Zagora you can see a mezzanine with views down to an ancient mosaic that was uncovered and is believed to date from the 4th to 6th century, partly coinciding with when the Romans were here.

Neolithic Dwellings Museum

Going back even before the Romans, Stara Zagora had Neolithic dwellings here. Visiting the Neolithic Dwellings Museum you will get to see one of the best collections in Europe of items and art from this period that have been collected together. The museum was actually built around two Neolithic houses.

Regional Museum of History

And at Stara Zagora’s Regional Museum of History you can learn more about the history of Stara Zagora and surrounding region. It has one of the best collections in the Balkans, with artefacts from numerous periods in history, including Neolithic and Roman, and more recent times too.

The Samarsko Zname Monument

A far more modern piece of history is celebrated in the Samarsho Zname Monument. Also known as The Defenders of Stara Zagora this memorial complex is dedicated to the Samara flag of the Bulgarian Army, and the volunteer soldiers who fought in the Battle for Stara Zagora.

House Museum

A great way to see inside one of the grand 19th century houses of Stara Zagora is to visit the 19th century House Museum. Decorated and furnished as it would have been in the 19th century, this beautiful house museum shows how the people of Stara Zagora lived and includes items from important families of the city.

When Should You Visit?:

Stara Zagora has lovely hot temperatures during the summer, peaking with an average high of 29C in July and August, and average low of 18C. If you prefer it a little cooler for sightseeing then May, June and September are several degrees cooler, however May is the wettest month of the year. Even so, rainfall levels are pretty low in Stara Zagora so this shouldn’t spoil your trip if you come prepared.

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