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Flights to Platres

image of PlatresPlatres is just a small town in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus, but it is a pretty spot with several attractions to keep you busy exploring the area while you are there. It’s not a huge tourist destination though they do get a large number of visitors compared to the tiny population of the town. It’s generally a peaceful place where you can just enjoy some relaxation and fresh air away from the island’s larger tourist resorts.

The nearest airport for flights to Platres is the Larnaca International Airport (airport code: LCA) which is about 70 kilonetres away. The best option for getting between Platres and Larnaca is a rental car. For a one-stop flight to Platres from South Africa, you can fly with Egyptair or South African Airways. They both offer routes that connect once in Cairo. KLM is another option for a stop-over in Amsterdam and Etihad Airlines connects in Abu Dhabi. Most flights to Platres are between 15 and 20 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Platres:

Troodos Mountains

The local mountain range is a wonderful place to go hiking if you want some good views of the region. There are several trails through the mountains that you can follow including one that will take you around the high Mount Olympus, which is the tallest peak of the range. If you are visiting Platres during the winter, there is a good ski run up on Mount Olympus.

Caledonian Waterfall

This is one of the popular spots to go nature walking, and there are several marked trails that go to the falls. The falls are about 12m high, so they are not that spectacular but do make a lovely photo opportunity while you are taking a walk through the forest. It’s part of the Troodo Mountain range, and connected to those trails as well. You’ll also go along the Potamos River for some change in scenery.

Panayia Faneromenis Holy Church

There are many old churches in Platres, but the Panayia Faneromen is one of the most beautiful. It’s a large stone building with red brick and tile accents, and named after the first church in the town.


For all its beauty, Platres is quite small. If you want to spend a little time in the big city, you can take an easy drive to Nicosia. There are several old museums worth a visit, as well as many charming streets to walk through, and shops and restaurants are abundant. The Hamam Omerye bathhouse and spa is in a 14th century building and should be tried if you are there, though certain days are dedicated to either men or women.

When Should You Visit?:

It’s comfortable in Platres nearly all year round, though winters are cool and summers can be a little warm. There are no harsh extremes though. July and August are the warmest, reaching around 27C (81F) during the day and winters generally stay above freezing. It will be coolest from December until February. Spring and autumn months are the most moderate and best for most sight-seeing.

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