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image of PolisPolis is a small town on the coast of the Chrysochous Bay in Cyprus, and a popular spot for tourists (and locals) who want to get away from the city and enjoy some natural space. The town dates back to Neolithic times and there are many ancient history sites you will want to visit as well.

Flights to Polis arrive at the Paphos International Airport (airport code: PFO), which is not far from town. British Airways and KLM have the only 1-stop flights to Polis from South Africa. They connect in London and Amsterdam, respectively. Iberia also travels here, and has a 2-stop flight to Polis that travels through Madrid and London. Swiss Air has their own route that connects in Zurich and then also in London. Most flights to Polis are just over 20 hours long, though some airlines will take over 40.

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The Tourist Attractions of Polis:

Museum of Marion – Arsinoe

The Museum of Marion holds exhibits filled with archaeological artefacts from around Polis. The displays range from the Neolithic period of Polis’ beginnings up until more recent Medieval times.


Being right on Chrysochous Bay, there are several beaches near Polis. Natura Beach, Latchi Beach and Soulli Beach are all within a few minutes drive of town. If you plan on staying near the beach, most of these have their own resorts and hotels for convenient accommodations.

Akamas Peninsula

West of Polis is the Akamas Peninsula natural park that many consider to be the most beautiful place on the island. The area is also steeped in mythology, as the Goddess Aphrodite was said to come here to meet Adonis. There is a pool known as Aphrodite’s Bath, which is also part of her myth. From the pool, there are 2 nature trails that you can take through the park, each will take about 3 hours to complete.

Gialia Monastery Ruins

A 10th century monastery of the Georgian Orthodox variety was recently discovered outside of Polis, and the ruins are gaining popularity as a tourist attraction. Parts of two buildings as well as other portions with inscriptions have been identified.

Paphos Forest

Though the Akamas Peninsula is famed for its beauty, the Paphos Forest park is much larger and it also includes the Troodos Mountain region. There are many places to go hiking through the forest and you can see several different types of landscapes and scenery as you go. Most of the area is heavily forested, along with very hilly areas, rivers and more. The area actually takes up a large portion of Cyprus so don’t expect to cover the entire park unless you have the time for some serious hiking.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers will be hot in Polis but the rest of the year is ideal for travel and sight-seeing. July and August will hit just over 33C (92F) during the day and June is only about 3 degrees cooler. You will find the most comfortable times to come to Polis are between November and April. The temperature is between 16 and 20C (61 and 68F) through this time of the year. It rains the most in the winters but the amount isn’t enough to cause much difficulty for you.

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