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image of BrnoBrno is the Czech Republic’s second largest city and it’s located in the south east of the country in the South Moravian Region. Founded in 1243, Brno is an old city and features attractions such as the Spilberk Castle, and Villa Tugendhat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The airport for flights to Brno is the Brno-Turany Airport (airport code: BRQ), located near the city and on public bus routes. When travelling from Johannesburg, all flights to Brno have 2 connections. Swiss Air and South African Airways have transfers in Zurich and Prague, and KLM goes through Amsterdam and then Prague. British Airways offers another route, stopping in London and also in Prague. Most flights to Brno are between 17 and 19 hours long, though some are considerably longer.

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The Tourist Attractions of Brno:

The centre of Brno has an interesting collection of historical buildings and it features an assortment of architectural styles from old to modern. Simply wandering Brno’s central streets will give the visitor lots to see, or head to some of Brno’s more specific tourist attractions.

Spilberk Castle

Spilberk Castle is one of the more popular attractions in Brno and its hilltop location means you can enjoy some great views over Brno from it. Construction began in the 13th century when the castle was a royal castle, and through its life it’s been mostly used as a prison. Numerous executions have taken place here so it has a somewhat grim past. Over the years the castle architecture was changed into the baroque style you see today.

Cathedral of St Peter and Paul

Another prominent landmark in Brno is the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul. This also is situated on a hilltop, and its size and grandeur make this a popular tourist attraction. Outside the structure is mainly Gothic in appearance while inside you’ll find a more baroque interior.

Villa Tugendhat

A very different architectural style, and one of the Czech Republic’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, can also be seen here in Brno. The Tugendhat Villa is considered to be a masterpiece of architecture that was designed by the German architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, for Fritz Tugendhat. It was built between 1928 and 1930 and is the prime example of functionalism. Tours are available though phone ahead as a major reconstruction project is currently underway.

Annual Events in Brno

You can check the weather to see when you might like to visit Brno or check their annual events calendar as there are several big events you may like to come for. One is a huge fireworks competition which is held in June each year and attracts around 1 million spectators, while in September there’s a large wine festival that celebrates the harvest time for the wine region surrounding Brno.

When Should You Visit?:

Aside from looking out for Brno’s events you should consider the weather. Summers are fairly short, with the warmest weather lasting from June to August and average highs of between 17 and 18.5C. Unfortunately summers are the wetter period in Brno also, so be prepared for some rain. Spring and autumn are mild but winters are quite cool with an average high of just -2.5C in January.

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