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image of AlborgKnown both as Aalborg and Alborg this is the fourth largest city in Denmark and it’s located on North Jutland. Aalborg is a historic city that has a number of historical attractions and cultural attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Aalborg Airport (airport code: AAL) is your arrival point for all flights to Aalborg, and it’s about 7 kilometres away from the city. There are buses and shuttles for public transit access. Flights to Aalborg from South Africa all have 2 stops and most routes take around 20 hours. Both BMI and Virgin Atlantic go the same way, through London and Copenhagen or you could take a flight to Alborg with KLM for a similar route through Amsterdam and then Copenhagen.

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The Tourist Attractions of Alborg:

If you enjoy seeing traditional Danish housing on quaint streets Aalborg will certainly appeal to you! There are several very picturesque parts of the city to enjoy, along with more modern architecture and attractions too. Some of the top things to see and do in Alborg include the following:

Aalborghus Castle

Probably Aalborg’s best known landmark is the castle, Aalborghus Castle. It was built between 1539 and 1555 by King Christian III as a fortified castle but soon became the seat of governors. Although it was built as a fortified structure Aalborghus looks more like a home than a castle. It’s actually half timbered so even the construction material doesn’t sound like it wouldn’t be too strong against attack!

Historic Homes in Aalborg

Those quaint streets that are lined with small and traditional Danish homes can be seen in the centre of the town. Standing one and a half stories high most of the homes are painted soft pastel colours and date from the 17th century.

A more grand home dating from the 17th century is Jens Bang’s House. This five storey home was built in 1624 for a wealthy merchant named Jens Bang and it features Renaissance architecture very different to the quaint homes on most of the older streets.

Aalborg Historical Museum

Once you’ve seen some of Aalborg’s historical buildings pay a visit to the Aalborg Historical Museum to see and find out more about the history of the city. Established back in 1863 this museum focuses on history and culture of Aalborg and the surrounding region going back 1000 years.

KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

Another museum in Aalborg is the KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art. The building was designed specifically to house the museum and as is often the case the building is a work of art itself. Built between 1968 and 1972 it features plenty of carrara marble. Inside there are about 1500 works of art while outside there’s a sculpture park.

Aalborg Zoo

One of the largest zoos in Denmark is Aalborg Zoo and it’s located near the centre of the town. Here you can see approximately 1200 animas from 138 different species.

When Should You Visit?:

Summer is the best time for sightseeing in Aalborg as the temperatures are warmest during this time, though not exactly hot! The average high in July and August is 20C though daytime highs can be in the mid 20’s C. Spring and autumn are cool and winters are cold with an average high of 2C in January.

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