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Flights to Odense

image of OdenseOdense is a beautiful city and the third largest in Denmark. It’s situated on the island of Funen and is one of Denmark’s top tourist destinations. With its assortment of attractive buildings, museums, scenery and other attractions, Odense has plenty to offer.

Flights to Odense Airport (airport code: ODE) are seasonal, and only usually take place during the summers. For other options, you can fly to Copenhagen Airport (code: CPH) instead, and take the train to Odense. There are several one-stop flights to Odense available from South Africa, such as with BMI with a connection in London or with South African Airways and a transfer in Frankfurt. Iberia is another choice, and they have one transfer in Madrid. Flights to Odense range from 12 to 20 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Odense:

Evidence suggests that Odense is an ancient city and its historic buildings and quaint streets are one of the city’s main attractions. Most of them date back several hundred years to the 16th and 17th centuries, and include such places as the birth-house of Hans Christian Andersen. Among Odense’s attractions are the following:

The Funen Village

There are some lovely historic houses within Odense itself but to see a great collection of historic buildings from around the island of Funen you should visit the Funen Village. Here you’ll see 25 buildings from different villages across the island, and most of them date to the 18th and 19th centuries. The open air museum also features employees in traditional costumes, working the land etc so that visitors can get a taste for life around the time that the buildings were constructed.

Funen’s Art Museum

Funen’s Art Museum is one of the oldest museums of art in Denmark and it holds a large collection of Danish art. It’s housed within a classical style building that was built in specifically to house Odense’s first museum, the Nordisk Museum.

H.C. Andersen’s Childhood Home and Museum

There are several Hans Christian Andersen associated attractions to visit in Odense as the famous author and poet was born and grew up in the city. His supposed house of birth is now saved as a museum and it includes numerous artefacts from his life and times.

Danish Railway Museum

After the Funen Village the Danish Railway Museum is Odense’s most popular museum attraction. It helps to be interested in trains if you’re planning to visit this one as it features around 50 locomotives and railway carriages from all periods on Danish rail history, making this the largest railway museum in Scandinavia.

Odense Zoo

Odense Zoo is the top tourist attraction in Odense and rated as one of the most popular in the whole of Denmark. Visitors will find a good selection of animals here as well as a popular Oceanium attraction which takes visitors on a tour through South America, a rainforest and an aviary.

Egeskov Castle

A little way south of Odense is Egeskov Castle, a visit to which is highly recommended. This is a stunningly beautiful castle and is said to be the best preserved Renaissance water castle in Europe. It was built in 1554 and as well as the castle there are beautiful grounds divided into different themed gardens, plus several museum collections to be seen here.

When Should You Visit?:

Odense has a temperate climate to it’s not particularly hot or cold here. Many of the tourist attractions will have seasonal opening so the best time to visit is during the summer when temperatures will be warm.

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