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image of RandersRanders is located on the Jutland Peninsula in central Denmark and it’s the country’s sixth largest city. It’s an interesting city to visit with a unique range of attractions including Northern Europe’s largest artificial rainforest!

The closest airport for flights to Randers is the Aarhus Airport (airport code: AAR) near Tirstrup and Aarhus. There is a bus service right from the airport to Randers, about 40 kilometres away. Flights to Randers, landing at Aarhus, are available from BMI and Virgin Atlantic from South Africa. Both airlines have the same 2 stops, in London and Copenhagen. Lufthansa stops in Munich and Copenhagen instead. Most flights to Randers are between 15 and 20 hours long when coming from South Africa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Randers:

The founding of Randers dates back to the 1100s though evidence has been found of settlements here dating right back to Viking times. The city has always been important for Denmark because it’s the country’s only natural river harbour so there’s a long history of imports and exports coming through Randers. As Randers was important the town was fortified in the Middle Ages. Unfortunately there’s no physical signs of the old fortified walls left today though if you’re interested in tracing where the walls once were you can wander down the streets that follow a circular path which is believed once followed the city walls.

Randers Tropical Zoo

Randers Tropical Zoo is probably the city’s most famous attraction, and a tropical attraction seems somewhat out of place in the northern latitudes of Denmark! The tropical zoo has become the largest artificial rainforest in Northern Europe and includes three biomes that are individually controlled to simulate the temperatures and light conditions of Africa, Asia and South America. Inside many species roam free, including harmless snakes and reptiles, plus there’s a saltwater aquarium with tropical fish to see. In total there are around 350 different species of plants and over 175 species of animals.

Museums in Randers

For culture lovers Randers offers a couple of different museums in addition to the Undervaerket which is a multi-ethnic business and cultural centre. The Museum of Cultural History offers visitors further insight into the cultural history of Randers and the surrounding region, while numerous pieces of art are on display at the Randers Art Museum.

Clausholm Castle

About 12 kilometres from Randers is Clausholm Castle, one of the most impressive Baroque style buildings in Denmark. The castle was largely untouched since the 1730s but from the 1960 it underwent restoration and improvement to both the interior and the beautiful gardens where there are avenues of plants, as well as fountains and other features.

Randers Old Town Hall

There’s a selection of attractive buildings to see in Randers itself including the Old Town Hall. In the square outside the Old Town Hall is a famous statue of Niels Ebbesen who is remembered for killing Count Richard III in 1340 and helping the country’s insurrection against the Germans.

When Should You Visit?:

Randers has a temperate climate so summers are mild and winters are not too cold. Summer is recommended for sightseeing though because in the winter days are much shorter, but in the summer senset may be as late as 10pm.

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