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image of RoskildeRoskilde is an ancient town, situated in on the island of Zealand in Western Denmark. Roskilde is a popular tourist destination and being only 35 kilometres from the capital, Copenhagen, it is easy to get to.

Roskilde Airport (airport code: RKE), officially known as Copenhagen Airport, Roskilde, is just 7 kilometres outside of the city but at this time it is used only for training and general aviation purposes, so there are no flights to Roskilde from South Africa. Thankfully, the Copenhagen Airport (code: CPH) is just 35 kilometres away and is served by more than a dozen major airlines. Swiss Air and KLM have flights to Roskilde, arriving in Copenhagen, that stop in Zurich and Amsterdam respectively. Virgin Atlantic also has a route but through London, while British Midland stops in both Frankfurt and London.

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The Tourist Attractions of Roskilde:

Founded during the Viking Age, Roskilde is an ancient town and is a member of the Most Ancient European Towns Network. The town has a good selection of tourist attractions, that attract tourists from around Denmark and even the rest of the world.

Roskilde Cathedral

The main landmark of the city is Roskilde Cathedral. Although it may not look this old, Roskilde Cathedral was built in the 12th and 13th centuries. It’s the brick construction that makes the church look younger than it is, and in fact this was the first gothic cathedral to be built of brick, inspiring many future architects to do the same.

Roskilde Cathedral was the only cathedral in Zealand up until the 20th century and so it had great cultural importance. Danish monarchs have been buried here since the 15th century and the cultural importance of this church was recognised by UNESCO in 1995 when it was designated a World Heritage Site.

The Viking Ship Museum

The next best known tourist attraction in Roskilde is the Viking Ship Museum. This is the national museum for ships, seafaring and boatbuilding in Denmark that concentrates on the prehistoric and medieval period. The museum building may look uninspiring but what you’ll find inside is very interesting. Five ships were deliberately sunk in 1070 in order to block access to Roskilde Fjord. They were excavated in 1962 and the museum was built especially to exhibit these ships. There is also an outside harbour with reconstructed ships on display, and a shipbuilding section.

Roskilde Museum

As well as the Viking Ship Museum tourists can visit the Roskilde Museum. This has a more general look at the history of Roskilde but does also include Viking artefacts and exhibits relating to the story of Beowulf.

Roskilde Festival

Every year since 1971 Roskilde has played host to the Roskilde Festival, a music festival that has continued to grow and is now one of the largest in Europe. It’s best known for the rock music, but also includes other genres such as Indie, Hip Hop, Pop, and World Music, and it takes place over four days either at the end of June or beginning of July.

When Should You Visit?:

Unless you want to visit for the Roskilde Festival you may want to avoid the four days that this takes place as prices are likely to be inflated at this time of the year and it will be hard to find accommodation. July and August will be the warmest time to visit Roskilde, with average highs just over 20C, though June can be nice too. The seasons and spring and autumn are only short, leading in to a longer winter when temperatures drop.

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