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Flights to Hiiumaa Island

image of Hiiumaa IslandHiiumaa Island is Estonia’s second largest island, situated just off the western coast of Estonia in the Baltic Sea. Hiiumaa Island is an attractive destination, best known for its many lighthouses, and has pretty scenery and quaint towns.

The airport for flights to Hiiumaa Island is Kardla Airport (airport code: KDL), just 7 kilometres away from the town of Kardla. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer international service, so when flying from South Africa you first have to arrive in Tallinn and then get a local flight to Hiiumaa Island with Avies. In Tallinn, the airport is the Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport (code: TLL). South African Airways and Lufthansa both have flights there that connect once in Frankfurt. Virgin Atlantic makes a stop-over in London instead.

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The Tourist Attractions of Hiiumaa Island:

Hiiumaa Island is a lovely island that’s better known to Estonians than international tourists, but like the rest of Estonia Hiiumaa is slowly being discovered. There are many peaceful little towns and villages here, and a good selection of tourist attractions to see.

Kopu Lighthouse

As you wander around Hiiumaa Island you’ll discover that this island has a number of lighthouses, though of these Kopu Lighthouse is the most famous. This is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world as it dates from 1531 and is still in use today though a nearby radar lighthouse has been the primary warning system since 1997. Kopu Lighthouse is set up on the highest hill on the island and is a popular tourist attraction that’s been open to the public since 1999.

Another popular lighthouse is Tahkuna Lighthouse which was built in 1873. This lighthouse is very tall and slender compared to Kopu, and is in fact the tallest lighthouse in Estonia, at 47 metres.

Museums on Hiiumaa Island

Across the island there’s a selection of museums to explore, relating to the history and culture of Hiiumaa Island. Hiiumaa Museum Long House is the main museum for the island and is situated within a long wooden house, hence the name! The museum is in the largest town on Hiiumaa Island, Kardla, and it focuses on the development of Kardla and its cloth factory. The Hiiumaa Museum Kassari Exhibition House has more of a focus on the maritime history of the island, plus exhibits on the agriculture and manor houses, while the Hiiumaa Military Museum focuses on how Hiiumaa Island defended itself.

Suuremoisa Manor

If you’re interested in seeing some of the manor houses on Hiiumaa Island, Suuremoisa Manor is a good place to visit. This is one of the largest manors in Estonia and is built in the Baroque-Rococo style. The buildings are set within park-like grounds with ponds and landscaping.

When Should You Visit?:

The Baltic Sea has a warming effect on Hiiumaa Island so it’s always a little warmer and drier here than mainland Estonia. Come during the summer for average highs in the low 20s C, so June through August would be a good time to visit. Because of the northerly latitude, winters are cold, and temperatures drop to their lowest in January when the average high is only around -3C.

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