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image of EspooEspoo is the second largest city in Finland, and although a city in its own right Espoo is actually part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The city does have its own attractions though, and the proximity to the centre of Helsinki also makes Espoo a desirable tourist destination.

The airport closest for flights to Espoo is the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport (airport code: HEL), which is about 20 kilometres away from Espoo. There is a public bus route between town and the airport. Flights to Espoo are available with several airlines, usually with just one connection coming from South Africa. Virgin Atlantic and South African Airways both make connections in London, and Swiss Air has its transfer point in Zurich. You can also connect in Amsterdam with KLM.

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The Tourist Attractions of Espoo:

Espoo Cathedral

When you think of a cathedral Espoo Cathedral certainly would not come to mind! It is beautiful in its own way, but doesn’t have the ornate or lavish architecture that would normally be associated with a cathedral. This may be because Espoo Cathedral is the oldest preserved building in the city and it was originally constructed as a parish church in the 1480’s. The exterior stonework gives the cathedral quite a rural and quaint feel, which although subdued has a simple beauty.

Espoo Museum of Modern Art

Known by its abbreviated form of EMMA, Espoo’s Museum of Modern Art is the main museum of the city. Just opened in 2006, EMMA is the largest museum in the whole of Finland with over 5000 square metres of exhibition space. The permanent exhibition is a selection of art from the Saastamoinen Foundation Collection, while there are also temporary exhibitions displaying both Finnish and international art.

The WeeGee House

Espoo Museum of Modern Art is situated within a building complex called the WeeGee House where you’ll also find several other museums, an art school, cafĂ© and museum store.

The WeeGee House was named after the former residents of the building, Weilin and Goos printers, and the building is protected. Inside is the Finnish Clock Museum, the Helina Rautavaara Museum, the Finnish Toy Museum, and the Espoo City Museum where you would go to find out more about the history and culture of the city of Espoo.

Espoo’s Manor Houses

Espoo Cathedral is not the only historic building in the city, as there are several old manor houses here too. Two of these are selectively open to the public for tours including one on the shores of Lake Bodom, jst on the outskirts of Espoo. This one has period furniture and a restaurant. The other, Espoon Kartano (meaning Espoo Manor) is the most important and it was dates from 1495. Most of what you can see here today is newer though, with the main building actually dating from 1914.

Serena Water Amusement Park

The largest water park in the Nordic countries is right here in Espoo. The Serena Water Amsueument Park is mainly an indoor attraction so can be used all year round, though there are extra outdoor parts that are pen in the summer. Water slides, large pools and Jacuzzis are the main features.

When Should You Visit?:

Unless you like snowfall and cold temperatures you should avoid winters in Espoo! There’s substantial snowfall each year and temperatures are below freezing. It takes until June to get pleasant here, when average highs get up to around 18C. July is warmest, and although August is warm too it’s the wettest month of the year.

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