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image of JyvaskylaJyvaskyla is the largest city in Finland’s Lakeland area, and it’s a popular tourist spot for those who like to visit a major city that is surrounded by natural attractions.

The local Jyvaskyla Airport (airport code: JYV) doesn’t handle much traffic, particularly not international flights to Jyvaskyla. Instead, arrive in Helsinki and from there get a flight to Jyvaskyla with Finnair. The Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport (code: HEL) is about a 200 kilometres away if you prefer to drive to Jyvaskyla. South African Airways and Virgin Atlantic both have flights from South Africa that go via London, but Lufthansa has a route with a stop-over in Munich.

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The Tourist Attractions of Jyvaskyla:

Jyvaskyla Art Museum

There are thousands of pieces of art at the Jyvaskyla Art Museum, most of which are contemporary in style. They do focus on local Finnish art so you can see a very nice exhibit of art that you generally won’t find elsewhere. Large displays of prints and information on the history of printmaking is a permanent part of the museum’s collection.

Harju Ridge

This park area is right in the city and a great spot to go for a walk. There are walking paths along the ridge, and a tall water tower at the top with an observation tower for views of the surrounding area. There is also a small natural history museum there that is open to the general public. For other natural areas, you can travel a short distance out of Jyvaskyla, in nearly any direction, to find lovely scenery and countless lakes.

Tuomiojarvi Beach

With so many lakes around Jyvaskyla, there are actually a number of different beaches to choose from. Tuomiojarvi Beaches are the most popular and you will find the most facilities there for an afternoon by the water.

Craft Museum of Finland

If you enjoy seeing the work of local artisans, the Craft Museum of Finland is the place to visit while in Jyvaskyla. Their exhibits include textiles and clothing, ceramics and pottery, basketry, wood crafts and a lot more. In total, they have more than 17,000 items in their collections.

Muurame Sauna Village

South of Jyvaskyla is the town of Muurame, and their Sauna Village is a unique way to experience this part of Finnish culture. There are 30 different sauna buildings that represent the long tradition in different regions of the country. There is a small cafe for lunch, a gift shop and a museum on the grounds as well.

Viherlandia Garden

Just east of the city is the Viherlandia Garden Centre. Their greenhouses keep displays of flowering plants thriving all year round. It’s a particularly nice place to take a walk if you are visiting Jyvaskyla in the winter.

When Should You Visit?:

The winters are below freezing in Jyvaskyla but the summers are quite mild. It generally never gets very hot, so there are several months suitable for comfortable travel here. It is nice for walking around between May and the end of September. June and July will reach around 20C (68F), which is the hottest it will get. April and October are also nice but you will need to bring a coat and warm clothes.

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