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image of OuluLocated in Northern Finland Oulu is the region’s largest city and is the sixth largest of Finland as a whole. Oulu is an attractive city with some beautiful architecture and a range of cultural attractions including such events as the Air Guitar World Championships!

Flights to Oulu Airport (airport code: OUL) usually have 2 transfers when coming from South Africa, and will take roughly 18 hours. A flight to Oulu with Iberia takes a route through Madrid and Helsinki, and Lufthansa makes its stops in Munich and Helsinki. You can stop in London and Helsinki with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic, but the Virgin flight to Oulu takes nearly 40 hours. There are taxis and public buses to and from the airport for easy access into the city.

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The Tourist Attractions of Oulu:

If you’re thinking of heading into Northern Finland Oulu is bound to be the place you’ll start from or finish in! It’s the main city in the region so has everything that tourists need plus a range of things to see and do. There are attractive parks and gardens, beautiful architecture, and museums, and Oulu also has a more modern side too, being the home of many Finnish IT companies. In terms of landmarks, Oulu offers the following:

Landmarks in Oulu

Oulu City Hall is one example of some of the attractive architecture you can see in Oulu, and Oulu Cathedral is another. The latter is an Evangelical Lutheran Church that was originally built in 1777 with a lot of wood in the structure. During the Oulu fire of 1822 most of the wood was destroyed and so the church was rebuilt using the existing stone walls, and completed in 1832, while the belfry was not built until 1845.

Parks and Gardens in Oulu

There are several beautiful parks within Oulu, each offering something a little different. Mannerheim Park for example is a small city park that offers plenty of places to sit if you want to escape the hustle of the city for a little while. Hupisaaret Park is much larger and is situated on the estuary of the River Oulu. Ainola Park was the former botanical garden of the University of Oulu and although it’s no longer run as such it’s an attractive park all the same.

Oulu’s Museums

Culturally Oulu has a lot to offer too. There are a number of museums in the city, some larger than others, focusing on a variety of subjects. The Northern Ostrothnia Museum is one of Oulu’s top museums and it focuses on the cultural history of Oulu and the surrounding region. You can also visit the Oulu City Art Museum where you can see a number of modern art exhibits, and the Tietomaa Science Centre which is said to be the world’s first science centre.

Festivals and Events in Oulu

Oulu seems to be a great place to visit if you like rock and heavy metal music as there are several festivals dedicated to this genre. There’s the Jalometalli Metal Music Festival that’s held every August plus a spin-off that’s held in the winter and called the Jalometalli Winterfest. The Oulu Music Video Festival celebrates music videos, cinema and live music and this is the home of the annual Air Guitar World Championships.

When Should You Visit?:

With its northerly latitude Oulu has quite a cool climate. July has the warmest temperatures with an average high of 21C while January and February are coldest and their average high is -7C. Oulu is quite a dry city though with the wettest months being in the summer.

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