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image of PoriPori is one of Finland’s oldest cities, founded in 1558 and you will find that history all around the city. Much of the architecture is neo-Renaissance and there are many historic sights to see, though you can also enjoy yourself if you get outside of the city as well. Pori is located on the west coast of Finland in the south of the country.

The local Pori Airport (airport code: POR) is only 2 kilometres outside the city centre and easily accessed by taxi or rental car. There is no public transit to the airport, only taxis. There are a few international flights to Pori coming from Johannesburg but they are limited. You can fly with British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, British Midland or South African Airways. They all offer the same flight to Pori, with connections in London and Helsinki.

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The Tourist Attractions of Pori:

Juselius Mausoleum

The Juselius Mausoleum was constructed by Fritz Arthur Juselius for his 11-year old daughter, Sigrid. It was completed in 1902 and is a beautiful building in the Gothic style with a large spire from the centre of the domed roof. The interior can be visited as well and there are lovely frescoes inside to be seen.

Reposaari Island

The little village on Reposaari Island is a nice place for a quiet afternoon, and it can be reached via bridges to the north-west of Pori. There are parks, shops and old wooden houses along the old ports.

Yyteri Beaches

Also to the north-west of the city are the Yyteri Beaches where you will find 6 kilometres of fine white sand. You may not think of Finland when it comes to sunbathing but the beaches are very popular in the summer months. You can swim, play minigolf, go boating, surf or play tennis all along the beach. There are also camping facilities in the area if you want to stay awhile.

Pori Cathedral

On the banks of the Kokemaenjoki River, the Pori Cathedral is another Gothic attraction surrounded by a wooded park. It’s a nice area to walk along the river after you’ve taken a look at the church. The local WWI Memorial is on the cathedral grounds as well.

Vikkari District

The Vikkari District is one of the older parts of town, complete with all the original old wooden buildings. There are no specific attractions here, but it does make for a pleasant and unusual place to go for a walk to see the town.

Pori Taidemuseo

The Pori Museum is both a regional gallery for local artists as well as a museum of modern art. Most of the collection originally belonged to Maire Gullichsen. It’s housed in an old warehouse near the river, and there is also a small art shop and cafe on the premises if you want to enjoy a longer stay.

When Should You Visit?:

You’ll find the climate generally cool in Pori, and the winters are going to be below freezing. Cold temperatures will run from late October until early April so you will want to plan your trip for the summer months unless you enjoy sight-seeing in the snow! June, July and August will be around 20C (68F) for a little warmer weather.

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