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Flights to Tampere

image of TampereOne of the largest cities in Finland, and the largest inland city of the Nordic countries, Tampere is situated in Southern Finland. Though it grew as an industrial city Tampere now offers plenty of culture and several sites of interest to tourists.

All flights to the Tampere-Pirkkala airport (airport code: TMP) have 2 stops when you are departing from Johannesburg. The most common route is through London and Stockholm, and it’s offered by South African Airways, British Airways or Virgin Atlantic. Another option is a flight to Tampere with Lufthansa. With this airline you’ll be travelling through Munich and Stockholm. The duration of flights to Tampere range between 15 and 21 hours in length, including layovers, and once you arrive in Tampere there are bus and rail services between the airport and the city.

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The Tourist Attractions of Tampere:

Tampere sits between two lakes, Nasijarvia and Pyhajarvi, and because the lakes differ in height by 18 metres there’s always been a forceful flow of water between the two of them. This made Tampere the perfect place for industry, using the force of the water to power industrial factories and later for producing hydro electric power. Tampere actually became Finland’s main industrial city during the 19th century, employing almost half of Finland’s industrial labour, and its industrial past can still be seen in some areas of the city today.

Tampere isn’t just a city full of industry though. In recent years it’s been diversifying and has built quite a reputation as a cultural centre with numerous museums, festivals and theatres to attend, including the following:

Museums in Tampere

Many of the museums in Tampere have some link with the city’s industrial past so they’re a great attraction to visit if you’re interested in learning more about the history of the city. The Amuri Museum of Workers’ Housing is one such museum and it’s housed within a former block of 19th century houses that would have been home to numerous workers and their families. You can see how these people would have lived, sharing just one kitchen between them. The Finnish Labour Museum is another on this theme and if you buy tickets for this they’re also valid at the Textile Industry Museum and the Steam Engine Museum.

The Lenin Museum came to be here in Tampere because Lenin and Stalin met for the first time in this very apartment in Tampere. The museum is fairly offbeat and includes exhibits and personal effects from Lenin’s life.

Sarkanniemi Adventure Park

Whether you’re visiting Tampere with kids or you’re a big kid at heart you’ll enjoy a visit to the Sarkanniemi Adventure Park, an amusement park within the city of Tampere. It’s an attraction that will interest many different ages and tastes as there’s a variety of things to see and do here. Six roller coasters, a dolphinarum, aquarium, planetarium, children’s zoo, art museum and landmark observation tower are among the attractions. The observation tower has the seemingly obligatory revolving restaurant on the top and there are some lovely views to enjoy from the decks.

When Should You Visit?:

Bear in mind if you’re coming for the tourist attractions many of them are only open during the summer months when temperatures are mild. An average high of 22C in July makes this the warmest month, though it’s also the wettest. Winters are cold and snowy and there’s snow expected from late November to mid April.

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