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Flights to Cannes

image of CannesLocated on the beautiful French Riviera in the south of France is the high class and cosmopolitan resort town of Cannes. Well known for the annual Cannes Film Festival, Cannes offers more than just its luxurious reputation!

The nearest major airport for international flights to Cannes is the Nice Cote d’Azur Airport (airport code: NCE), about 24 kilometres away from the city. Flights to Cannes typically have one connection when travelling from South Africa, but the transfer city varies by airline. British Airways makes a transfer in London, and both Lufthansa and South African Airways stop-over in Munich. KLM will take you via Amsterdam, and Air France stops in Paris. On average, most flights to Cannes are around 16 hours long, but some can take just over 20.

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The Tourist Attractions of Cannes:

Cannes may be best known for its annual Film Festival and although this can attract the rich and famous Cannes actually offers far more than just this prestigious event each year.

Cannes Film Festival

However, it’s so important that it’s worth giving some hints and tips regarding this popular festival anyway. And if you’re interested in visiting during the Cannes Film Festival you’ll actually discover that this is a closed festival so you won’t be able to get into any of the red carpet events without an invitation. You can enjoy public screenings on the beach though, and so long as you don’t mind paying top dollar for a hotel you can have a really great time visiting Cannes during the Film Festival.

La Croisette

Whether you visit Cannes during the festival or not you’ll want to check out some of the city’s other attractions. The beautiful scenery and warm weather has been attracting tourists to Cannes for hundreds of years and La Croisette is one of the popular attractions. This is the street that lines the waterfront and it’s an avenue of palm trees with high class hotels on one side and the sea and beaches on the other. Stop for a while in one of the many cafés or restaurants.

St Marguerite Island

Just under a kilometre off the shores of Cannes is St Marguerite Island. This island is the largest of the Lerins Islands and is best known for its fortress where the ‘Man in the Iron Mask’ was held prisoner. Take a boat trip from Cannes to visit the island, fortress and museum that now occupies the fortress, and see the actual cell where this mysterious man was held in the 17th century.

The Museum of the Sea can now be seen inside the historic Fort Royal and it displays numerous artefacts that has been raised from the depths of ancient Roman and Saracen shipwrecks.

Cannes is also home to several other museums back on the mainland, including the Provence Museum of Art and History, the International Museum of Perfume, and Museum of Photography.

The Villas of Cannes

Cannes is also famous for its beautiful villas. Unfortunately most of these are privately owned and not open to the public, but this doesn’t stop you admiring them from the outside. Mostly built in the 1800s the villas take on many different styles and reflect the wealth that was attracted to Cannes back in these days.

When Should You Visit?:

With its warm Mediterranean climate Cannes can be visited throughout the year but is best in the summer, from May to September, when average highs are from 20 to 27C. It’s fairly dry in the summer, but wetter during the winter when temperatures are still mild.

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