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image of CorinthThe city of Corinth has ancient beginnings, and so most of the great attractions in and around the city are historical, particularly ancient Greek ruins of great amphitheatres, temples and cities. Corinth is situated in the Peloponnese in southern Greece.

There is no airport immediately nearby for flights to Corinth, but the Athens International Airport (airport code: ATH) is just a short drive away. Several flights to Corinth, arriving in Athens, are available with many major airlines when travelling from South Africa. South African Airways makes a transfer in Cairo, which is the same as Egyptair. Turkish Airlines has a route through Istanbul, and Swiss Air will have a connection in Zurich. Lufthansa, Air France and KLM are also other options for flights to Corinth.

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The Tourist Attractions of Corinth:

The ruins are just outside of modern-day Corinth (7km), where ancient Corinth once stood. The complex includes a number of specific sites all within the old city. There are really more sites than can be listed and the city should be thoroughly explored to see everything, but here are the major landmarks.

Temple of Apollo

The seven remaining columns mark the ruins of the Temple of Apollo which looks over the ancient Roman market square in Ancient Corinth. This is just one temple in the old city though it is one of the most well-preserved. The Temple of Octavia is another one you should try to see, with its own set of three columns still standing.


The ruins of this ancient fortress loom over the old city, and will provide some great views while you are there. You can take a taxi to the top or get ready for a strenuous hike. You will find the remains of fortress walls, gates, towers, houses, churches and more. An ancient Temple of Aphrodite was also part of the complex, once home to 1,000 sacred prostitutes. Not much is left of the Temple today though.

The Ancient Agora

This was the commercial area of old Corinth, and you can see the remains of all the shops and roads. The Lechaion Way leads to the Agora, and it was once paved in marble.

Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth

Seeing all the ruins is a wonderful way to explore history but learning more about the sites can help put it all in context, and for this you need to visit the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth. It’s located in the ancient city, and has a number of great exhibits of pottery, tools, mosaics, statues and funeral artefacts. There are displays of both Greek and Roman items, representing the long history of the city.

Shopping and Dining

The modern Corinth does not have a large number of true tourist attractions but it is a great city for walking around and seeing Greek culture. There are many busy streets packed with shops and restaurants so you can explore the city for quite a while without running out of things to see.

When Should You Visit?:

The summers can be very hot in Corinth, so you will want to schedule your travel to the spring and autumn months. Winter is also comfortable as long as you pack a jacket. Avoid June through September as it will usually reach around 30C (86F) during the day. Most other months are fine though December through February will be below 14C (57F). Late spring and early autumn are ideal.

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