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image of FlorinaLocated in northern Greece, the town of Florina is fairly small and is at the base of the Verno and Varnous mountain ranges. Florina is not far from the border with the Republic of Macedonia.

The best option for international flights to Florina is to arrive actually outside of Greece to the Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (airport code: SKP). It’s about 100 kilometres away, and it would be a good idea to get a rental car as any public bus would have a round-about trip between the cities. From South Africa, Swiss Air will stop once in Zurich, and a flight to Florina with Turkish Airlines only makes a connection in Istanbul. South African Airways and Egyptair both have a 2-stop route through Cairo and Istanbul.

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The Tourist Attractions of Florina:

Florina Museum of Modern Art

Housed in a Neo-classical building, the Florina Museum of Modern Art has a collection of modern and contemporary artworks which makes a nice change from the other historical sights around town. There are nearly 500 items in their collection, including paintings, engravings and sculpture.


One of the best ways to enjoy the local mountains is with some skiing, provided you are in Florina in the winter time of course! The nearby village of Pissoderi has a popular ski resort, which is also one of the oldest in the country. There are 10 groomed runs up along Mount Verno and it offers gorgeous views of Lake Prespa.

Verno Mountains

The mountain range around Florina offers a great area for walking or hiking if you want to see a little Greek countryside. Aside from the winter skiing just mentioned, you can find many marked hiking trails through the woods and higher into the mountains in the areas around Florina.

Lake Prespa

There are actually two lakes, Megali Prespa and Mikri Prespa (Big Prespa and Little Prespa) and they are shared between Greece, Macedonia and Albania. Within the Greek area of Little Prespa, there is a small island with the ruins of a 10th century church. There are several protected places around the lakes and you can find many spots to walk or just enjoy the water.


Not a quick drive away, but if you take the train, you can definitely visit the city of Thessaloniki while staying in Florina. There are Roman ruins right within the city, and several museums and art galleries too. If you want to tour the city for less historic sites, there are some modern attractions as well. The Waterland water park is a big hit with the younger travellers and you can also take a look at the stars at the Science Centre’s planetarium. There is enough to do in Thessaloniki to last a day or two.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers are hot and winters will drop to almost freezing so you will find a great deal of variation in Florina’s weather over the course of the year. July and August will have the hottest temperature, which is around 28C (82F) during the day. November through March will be cooler, typically below 15C (59F) and getting close to the freezing point in January. The best weather for sight-seeing would be in late spring and early autumn.

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