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image of LesbosLesbos is the third largest of all the Greek islands and it’s located in the north east of the Aegean Sea, closer to Turkey than it is to Greece. Lesbos is a popular destination where tourists can combine sun and sea, with history and culture.

Flights to Lesbos are served at the Mytilene International Airport (airport code: MJT), just outside the capital city of Mytilene. When coming from South Africa, all flights to Lesbos will have 2 connections. With either Egyptair or South African Airways, you will be stopping in Cairo and Athens, and Virgin Atlantic takes a route through London and Athens. That’s also a flight to Lesbos offered by British Airways. If you fly with Swiss Air, you’ll go via Zurich and also Athens.

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The Tourist Attractions of Lesbos:

Lesbos has many things to see and do and is great for tourists of all tastes. There are many excellent beaches, and the good weather means you can enjoy a relaxing summer holiday here. If you’d rather spend time exploring the history and culture Lesbos has plenty of this also. Some of the top attractions in Lesbos include:


The capital if Lesbos is Mytilene, located on the southeast coast of the island. As cities go Mytilene has a relatively small population which swells during the tourist season. There have been archaeological excavations here since the late 19th century and a number of ancient sites have been found. It’s thought that Mytilene is actually one of the oldest cities in the world. The fortress is one of its tourist attractions and this dates from medieval Genoese times. You can also enjoy the city’s architecture of which there are numerous examples including ottoman and Byzantine.


Known as both Mithymna and Molyvos, this town is one of the most important on Lesbos and a popular tourist destination because of its many historical attractions. The main prominent of these is the old Genoese fortress which stands on a hilltop overlooking the town. There’s also plenty of well preserved architecture around the town too, and a nice harbour.

Petra and Eressos

Not to be confused with Petra in Jordan, the town of Petra on Lesbos is one of the popular beach resort areas and it’s only about 6 kilometres away from Mithymna. This makes visiting Mithymna very easy from the hotels and apartments of Petra.

Eressos is perhaps the most popular beach holiday destination on Lesbos and it’s on the southwest of the island. The long and scenic beaches are the main feature, but there are many places to stay, dine and be entertained here too.

When Should You Visit?:

Lesbos is most popular during the summer season when holidaymakers come here to enjoy the hot and sunny weather that’s usually prevalent between June and September. Lesbos isn’t as hot as some Aegean destinations, but all the same, temperatures can become hot during this time, reaching into the 30s C. If you want to avoid the crowds and see the sights you should come ‘off-season’ when there are far fewer people and mild to warm temperatures and some rainfall.

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