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image of PeloponneseThe Peloponnese is a region and peninsula in southern Greece. Known for its beautiful scenery and many archaeological sites and historic cities, the Peloponnese is a popular tourist destination.

The Kalamata International Airport (airport code: KLX) is the main airport for flight to the Peloponnese region, but they have limited and seasonal air traffic. A better choice would be to arrive at the Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia” (code: SKG) instead, and from there get a local flight to Peloponnese with Aegean Airlines. You can get to Thessaloniki with either Lufthansa or Virgin Atlantic, with stops in Munich or London. South African Airways also offers a flight that has connections in Cairo and Athens.

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The Tourist Attractions of Peloponnese:

The Peloponnese region has many different destinations and things to see, making this a good place for a touring holiday if you really want to make the most of it. There are numerous towns and cities, and of these some of the most popular include the following:


Probably the best known place in the Peloponnese region is Olympia, birth place of the Olympics. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was where the very first Olympic Games took place in the year 776 BC. The ancient city is an archaeological site today and still features classical Greek architecture such as columns and temples. Every four years the Olympic flame is lit here before making its way to the home of that year’s Olympics.


The more modern city of Kalamata is one of the Peloponnese’s popular destinations. You could stay here and enjoy the historical city centre where you can wander the narrow streets. Attractions include a number of museums and temples as well as the Castle of Kalamata.

Kalamata is also popular for its coastal location. There’s a resort where you can enjoy beaches and hotels, as well as the new marina.


Nafplio is a much smaller town but equally as attractive. It has some great architecture and also features a number of museums, several castles, and historic fortifications. Nafplio is also a good base if you want to explore another of the Peloponnese archaeological sites, Epidaurus. This is another UNESCO World Heritage Site and you can see why when you cast your eyes over the huge and very well preserved amphitheatre which the site is so famous for.


There’s an ancient city at Corinth too, as well as a modern city about 5 kilometres away. The acropolis with its fortified walls and gates is very impressive.


Yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site can be found in the Peloponnese region, and it’s called Mystras. This is a fortified town that was built in medieval times on the top of Mount Taygetos. The site today includes ruins of a fortress and palace, churches and monasteries, with some very beautiful architecture.

Other Archaeological Sites in the Peloponnese

There are numerous other archaeological sites in the Peloponnese too, each with something different to offer. Bassae for example is famous for its Temple of Apollo and is another World Heritage Site. The sites of Mycenae and Tiryns are grouped together as a World Heritage Site. Mycenae was actually one of the major centres of the Greek civilisation.

When Should You Visit?:

The Peloponnese has a mainly Mediterranean climate that means it gets hot and dry summers and mild and wet winters. This makes summer the more popular time to come if you don’t mind fairly hot weather. For milder temperatures but the chance of rain, come during the winter months, from November through to March or April.

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