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image of VolosVolos is a city on the Greek mainland, about 320 kilometres north of the capital, Athens. Volos has ancient beginnings as it was built on the area of three ancient cities, so there’s lots of history to discover nearby and a number of museums to visit in Volos itself.

The airport for flights to Volos is the Nea Anchialos National Airport (airport code: VOL) and it is approximately 20 kilometres away. Flights to Volos are limited, and will have 2 connections when you are flying in from South Africa. With Lufthansa and Austrian, you will have stop-overs in Frankfurt and Vienna, but South African Airways goes another route via Frankfurt and Nuremberg. The first 2 flights to Volos are just over 36 hours long but the last one is only 18.

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The Tourist Attractions of Volos:

Architectural Landmarks in Volos

Although built on the site of three ancient cities Volos itself doesn’t have any ancient relics. What remained of the old town was largely destroyed during a series of major earthquakes in 1955, so the majority of historical architecture that was left standing dated from a major development of the new city in the 1840s and beyond. This does include some beautiful buildings though, and often Volos is described as one of Greece’s most attractive cities.

You’ll see lots of neoclassical architecture from this period as you wander the streets of Volos, and major landmarks include Volos Railway Station, the Hotel de France (built in 1894), the National Bank (built in 1895), and the Archaeological Museum of Volos (built in 1909).

The Archaeological Museum of Volos

As well as being one of the city’s prime landmarks, the Archaeological Museum of Volos is also a very good museum! If you have any interest in ancient history you’ll find lots to see here, starting with the reconstructions of two Neolithic villages, Dimini and Sesklo, just outside the museum. Inside there are numerous relics from these two villages including agricultural implements, jewellery and household utensils. You can also see statues, as well as entire tombs from other periods in history.

Other Museums in Volos

Volos is also home to several other museums. The Modern History Museum of Volos City takes a more recent look at the history of the city, while you can explore some of the regional culture at the Kitsos Makris Folklore Museum. If you’re interested in trains there’s the National Railway Museum of Greece at the Volos Railway Station.

The Coast

Volos is a port city so there are always ships and boats coming and going in the harbour, and there’s a waterside promenade where you can take a walk to watch the comings and goings. A couple of parks also make the coast a nice place to come, and if you want to spend a day on the beach Volos has several to choose from too.

When Should You Visit?:

Volos’ climate is mostly Mediterranean, so it’s a warm city to visit throughout the year. The hottest weather is from June to September when average highs range between 27 and 31C so although this is nice for relaxing on the beach it may be too warm for sightseeing. Spring and autumn could be better times as temperatures are still warm but not too hot, between 20 and 23C for average highs. Winters are also mild but wetter.

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