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image of BukThe town of Buk is nearly 1,000 years old and is located at the foot of the Hungarian Alps. The history is evident when you tour the town and you won’t find many “modern” attractions here. There may not be a lot for the tourist to see, but the charm of the town is unmistakable.

The small town of Buk doesn’t have its own airport, and the nearest one that has international service is about 80 kilometres away. The Vienna International Airport (airport code: VIE) is in Austria but it is the closest that has flights to Buk from Johannesburg. South African Airways will stop once in London, and so does British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Air France will connect in Paris, and KLM will take you through Amsterdam for their flight to Buk.

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The Tourist Attractions of Buk:

Thermal Baths

The local mineral springs are a well-known attraction in Buk, and you should spend a little time at the local medicinal spa to experience a little pampering. The resort has several pools as well as a full range of spa services available. You can get a massage, rest in the sauna or play sports such as badminton or volleyball.

Szapary Castle

This large country home was originally built in the 15th century, though considerably renovated in a Baroque style in the late 1600s. The interior is beautifully decorated and many rooms have high vaulted ceilings.

Greenfield Golf and Country Club

It used to be known as the Birdland Golf Club, and now the Greenfield Golf and Country Club is one of the more modern things to do in Buk. The hotel offers luxury accommodations if you choose to stay, and they have a large wellness centre and spa as well. The 18-hole golf course has a 72 par, and it is one of the finest such courses in Hungary.


The larger city of Szombathely offers several other tourist attractions that you may want to see while you are in the Buk area. There are several spectacular cathedrals and churches, and even a few sites of Roman ruins. In particular, the Temple of Isis is well-preserved though some of the structures have been reconstructed. Authentic cobbled portions of the Amber Road, an important ancient trade route through the region, are also still in place. Szombathely is only about 22km away from Buk.

Ferto-Hansag National Park

North of Buk is the Ferto-Hansag National Park where you can go walking through meadows, wetlands and along the shores of the large Lake Ferto. To the west of Buk, you can also visit the smaller Koszegi Protected Forest to see another range of scenery and wildlife. It’s a more hilly area, closer to the Koszeg mountains.

When Should You Visit?:

The weather in Buk is very nice for travel through most of the year and you would be fine to visit any time between April and October. You can certainly come in the winter but the weather is colder and is usually down close to freezing during the day. Summers will reach around 24C (75F), and that would be during July and August. Spring and autumn are cooler but just as pleasant.

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