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image of SopronOnce part of the Roman Empire, Sopron is a city located in what is now western Hungary. You will find many impressive sights here, typically historic or cultural in nature. Sopron is a great city to wander around on foot to see the many old houses, shops and churches.

There is no airport in Sopron itself, but the Vienna International Airport (airport code: VIE) is about 55 kilometres away and easily accessible by train or motorway. All flights to Sopron from South Africa have one connection; Lufthansa goes via Munich, Austrian Airlines stops in Frankfurt, and British Airways has a route stopping in London. KLM is another option, and they make a connection in Amsterdam. On average, flights to Sopron take between 12 and 15 hours.

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The Tourist Attractions of Sopron:

Kecske Church

Kecske Church is also known in English as the Goat Church, and it was built by Franciscan monks in 1280 next to their existing monastery. The style of the single-spired church is a mix of Rococo, Baroque and Gothic which makes it very interesting architecturally.

Fabricius House

This gorgeous Baroque house of Sopron is complete with courtyards and columns, and a Roman bath in the basement. Inside is the Franz Liszt Museum which is filled with artefacts and exhibits that show off the culture and history of Sopron and Hungary. You can take a walk down to the old Town Hall while you are there.

Firewatch Tower

At some point during your trip to Sopron you should take a climb to the top of the 13th century Firewatch Tower. You can get a great view of the city from the top, and the building is quite a historical place in itself. The tower was built on the remains of a Roman wall, and the top Baroque spire and balcony were added in the 1600s after a fire. There are 200 steps to the top.

St. Michael’s Church

On the north outskirts of the city is the St. Michael’s Church, and right behind it is the much smaller Chapel of St. James. The chapel is in the original Romanesque style of the 13th century, but the church was remodeled in a Gothic style in the centuries following. St. Michael’s has a single tall spire, and there are many original carvings and statues around the building.

Castle Wall Walk

An interesting way to see some behind-the-scenes parts of Sopron is to take the Castle Wall Walk. You can take a guided tour along the old walls of the city and see some historic neighbourhoods on the way.

Pharmacy Museum

You can see a different type of history at this old medieval apothecary shop that has been turned into a medical museum. The building itself is quite nice and the exhibits are fun too.

When Should You Visit?:

The climate in Sopron is very mild and many months of the year are comfortable for travel. Winters are around the freezing point during the day, but the other seasons are all quite pleasant. The warmest months are in the summer, with July and August being the hottest with an average high of 24C (75F). Spring and autumn can be cool in the evenings, and you may need a jacket.

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