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image of KopavogurKopavogur is Iceland’s second largest municipality, though it’s actually part of the Greater Reykjavik Area, so it’s close to the capital city. Kopavogur is mainly a residential area but it does still have some interesting landmarks such as the tallest building in Iceland, Smaratorg Tower.

Reykjavik Airport (airport code: RKV) is closest but doesn’t offer service for international flights to Kopavogur. Instead, you can arrive at the Keflavik International Airport (code: KEF), which is located 36 kilometres away. One stop flights to Kopavogur with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic will go through London when travelling from South Africa. Air France makes a connection in Paris instead. There are 2-stop flights to Kopavogur available with Lufthansa that connect in Frankfurt and Oslo. Most flights will take between 20 and 23 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kopavogur:

Although part of the Greater Reykjavik Area, Kopavogur is a town in its own right. It’s mainly residential but still has a good number of tourist attractions, and of course the centre of Reykjavik is very close by too so you can always visit the capital when you want to do something different.


Smaralind is the name of one of the largest, if not ‘the’ largest shopping mall in Iceland. Right in the heart of Kopavogur this large shopping mall is at the centre of the town’s shopping and features over 70 different stores as well as many other facilities that you would usually find in a shopping mall of this size: restaurants, services, a cinema, and more.

Part of the shopping complex includes the tallest building in Iceland, the Smaratorg Tower. Compared to most other country’s tallest buildings this office and retail building really is quite short, at just 20 floors! Still, it’s a major landmark for Kopavogur and a good way of locating the shopping mall too!

Kopavogur’s Landmarks

Unlike nearby Reykjavik Kopavogur is really quite a new and modern city so it doesn’t offer any historical buildings like the capital does. There are a number of modern landmarks though, such as Kopavogur Church whose dome is on the city seal.

The hilltop location of Kopavogur Church means it dominates the town’s skyline and offers great views, and another attraction, the Kopavogur Art Museum is on the same hilltop. The museum, locally known as Geroarsafn, specialises in the works of Icelandic sculptor, Gerour Helgadottir, who designed the stained glass window of Kopavogur Church. There are also works of another sculptor and painter, Magnus Arnason, as well as changing exhibitions that display works of modern Icelandic artists.

Kopavogur Cultural Centre is one more landmark on this hilltop. Check their schedule to see whether anyone is performing at the Kopavogur Concert Hall while you’re visiting.

Natural Science Centre

In the centre of Kopavogur is the Natural Science Centre. If you’re interested in natural science or are visiting Kopavogur with children this may be on your list of attractions. The main collection is of molluscs and crustaceans.

Leisure Facilities in Kopavogur

Kopavogur is well known locally for its great leisure facilities. As a tourist you’ll probably want to try out the new geothermal outdoor swimming pool which is the largest of its kind in Iceland!

When Should You Visit?:

Don’t expect warm and sunny weather by visiting in the summer months, as Kopavogur never really gets hot! The average high in July and August is a mere 13C. May is the sunniest month though average highs are only 9.4C then. In the winter it’s not exceedingly cold – the average highs actually stay above freezing.

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