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image of WaterfordBest known for its Waterford Crystal, the city of Waterford is the fifth largest in the Republic of Ireland and it’s on the east coast of the country. This port city is an ancient one and there are still historic attractions to see in Waterford today.

The Waterford Airport (airport code: WAT) is just 9 kilometres outside of town but it offers a limited selection for flights to Waterford from South Africa. When coming from Johannesburg, you can either fly with Lufthansa or with South African Airways. Lufthansa will have a 2-stop route through Munich and Manchester, and South African Airways connects in London and Manchester. Either way, the flight to Waterford will take around 19 hours. There are taxis and a public bus route between Waterford and the airport for easy access.

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The Tourist Attractions of Waterford:

House of Waterford Crystal
Waterford gained a name for itself around the world as being the home of the beautiful Waterford Crystal. Unfortunately the factory that once made this fine glass is no longer operating since the company went into receivership, however, there are still some arms of the company operating here in Waterford. At the House of Waterford Crystal you ‘can’ take a tour of this smaller factory and see glass making in progress. There is also an exquisitely ornate retail store here, giving visitors the chance to buy some Waterford Crystal direct.

Reginald’s Tower
One of Waterford’s most prominent landmarks is Reginald’s Tower. It was built in the 10th century by the Vikings and named after the city’s founder, Regnall. Today it is the oldest urban civic building in Ireland and the oldest monument that’s kept its original Viking name. The tower once formed part of Waterford’s fortifications in what was a thriving Viking town. It was at one corner of the triangular shape fortifications, leading to the district’s name of Viking Triangle. You can see inside the tower because it’s home to a historical museum that has exhibits relating to the history of Waterford as a whole, and specifically to Reginald’s Tower.

Heritage Walks
In later times when Waterford expanded, more city walls were constructed to contain the larger city. Visitors who are interested in the history of Waterford can take heritage walks that are usually conducted daily, covering the old city walls, and the Viking Triangle district of Waterford. These are a very good way to see much of the city’s historic architecture, and find out more than you might otherwise.

The Waterford Treasures Museum
Another way to experience some of the city’s history is by visiting the Waterford Treasures Museum. This museum tells the story of the city and has thousands of artefacts from archaeological digs that took place in and around the city over the years.

County Waterford
The county in which Waterford sits also offers numerous tourist attractions, especially if you like to get out of a city environment. There are two mountain ranges, Knockmealdown and Comeragh Mountains, where there are great hiking trails, opportunities for cycling, visiting waterfalls and more.

When Should You Visit?:

Like most of Ireland, Waterford has mild weather, and although rainfall comes all year round the actual annual rainfall isn’t all that high, giving Waterford one of its nicknames, the Sunny Southeast. October through January are the wettest months though, and with cooler temperatures probably a good time to avoid. July and August are pleasant though, with an average high of 20C.

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