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image of FlorenceFlorence is am attractive city steeped in history, arts and culture and is known as the birthplace of the Italian renaissance. It is the capital city of the Tuscany region and is located in north central Italy, surrounded by beautiful Tuscan countryside.

The airport in Florence is the Peretola Airport (airport code: FLR), also known as the Amerigo Vespucci Airport. South African Airways, Lufthansa and Swiss Airlines all have flights to Florence from South Africa with one connection. They travel through Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich respectively. There are a couple of 2-stop flight options if you prefer; Virgin Atlantic for example has transfer stops in London and then Zurich. Depending on your choice of airline, the total flight to Florence will be between 14 and 20 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Florence:

Florence has been attracting millions of tourists every year as the city has so much to offer. Its strikingly beautiful historic centre includes numerous spectacular buildings, and the fact that this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site only adds to its popularity. The birthplace of the Italian renaissance still lives up to its name today, and when combined with the beautiful countryside of Tuscany that surrounds the city you could quite easily stay in Florence for a week or more. With so many museums and sights to see it’s difficult to know where to start; here’s a selection of the best…

Galleria degli Uffizi
The Uffizi art museum is the most famous in Florence and is renowned as one of the world’s best fine art museums. As you might expect there are many Renaissance works here, including paintings and sculptures. The café here is popular too with its balcony overlooking the square but it is expensive. The other drawback with visiting the Uffizi is the long queues.

Other Art Galleries in Florence
Florence also has several other art museums where you can see more from the Renaissance period – Accademia Gallery for example showcases Michelangelo’s David and the (unfinished) slaves, while Bargello features many Renaissance and Mannerist sculptures.

Institute and Museum of the History of Science
If you’re more interested in the educational side of the Renaissance then Florence’s Institute and Museum of the History of Science is worth the visit. You can see, for example, some of Galileo’s instruments, and displays on various fields such as maths, physics, and biology.

Santa Maria del Fiore
Florence has many beautiful buildings to admire, but the most famous is Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Duomo di Firenze. It’s Florence’s cathedral and is the symbol of the city. Admire the building from inside and out, or if you can bear the long queues and the long climb, you can go up into the dome, 464 steps up.

Giotto’s Tower
Many visitors to Florence prefer to climb Giotto’s Tower though. This is the tall tower that features heavily in many photographs of Florence and is right next door to the cathedral. The views from Giotto’s Tower are quite spectacular, allowing you to see an aerial view of the cathedral but also of much of Florence as well.

Ponte Vecchio
Meaning ‘old bridge’ Ponte Vecchio lives up to its name – this is the oldest and most famous bridge to cross the Arno in Flornece and was the only one to survive WW2. More than just a river crossing, this bridge is lined with shops so you can shop for, mostly jewellery, here too.

When Should You Visit?:

The peak time to visit Florence is during the summer when temperatures are hot and humid and rainfall is lower. July and August have average highs of 31C (88F). Winters are cool and damp, while spring and autumn offers warm temperatures and a certain amount of rain.

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