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image of SorrentoThe small yet attractive town of Sorrento is situated in the Campania region of Southern Italy and has been a popular tourist destination for many years. Sorrento has its own attractions, but is also well placed to be able to enjoy Pompeii and some of the other sights of this region.

The best option for a flight to Sorrento is to arrive at the Naples Airport (airport code: NAP). There are regular buses between Naples and Sorrento. From South Africa, flights to Sorrento are available with South African Airways and Lufthansa, with the same connection in Munich. Iberia takes a route through Madrid, and British Airways will stop in London for their flight. Most flights to Sorrento are between 15 and 20 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Sorrento:

Sorrento may only be a small town but it’s big on charm and appeal. Overlooking the Bay of Naples Sorrento is definitely a scenic little town and its proximity to Naples helps make it all the more popular. Perhaps you’d like to base yourself in Sorrento and enjoy day trips to Naples, Capri or Pompeii, making use of the local ferry services and train line.

In Sorrento itself you can wander along its narrow streets and catch glimpses of the Bay of Naples, as well as further distant views of Naples and the volcano Mount Vesuvius. If you go higher you’ll also enjoy some great views over Sorrento, or travel a little way down the coast and look back at the town.

There are some lovely little features to look out for in Sorrento. The Small Port (Marina Piccola) is very pretty, and there are a number of attractive squares to see too, including Piazza Tasso. Religious structures include the cathedral (Duomo), St Francis Monastery, and Basilica di Sant’Antonino.

There are several museums in Sorrento too. For art lovers the Museo Correale di Terranova is interesting, and there’s also the Museo Bottega della Tasia Lignea which holds a collection of local applied arts. If you’re more interested in history and archaeology then the Archaeological Museum of the Sorrentine Peninsula would suit you better.

Visiting Pompeii

Sorrento is a great base from which to visit the ancient city of Pompeii. Here you can see the excellently preserved city that was buried under ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in the year 79AD. Everything was preserved in time until it was uncovered, giving historians and visitors the chance to see exactly how people lived all those years ago.

Visiting Capri

Trips to the nearby island of Capri are popular from Sorrento too. Capri has been a tourist destination even since Roman times and the beautiful scenery and coastal vistas are two of the reasons for this. Boats from Sorrento take about 20 minutes to get here, leaving you the whole day to explore. As well as the scenery there are some lovely villas to see here.

When Should You Visit?:

Sorrento is most popular during the summer months though there’s a mild climate so you could easily visit at any time of the year. July and August are the warmest months when the average high gets up to nearly 30C. These are the driest months too in Sorrento. Rainfall becomes far more prevalent in the autumn, winter and spring, peaking in November. Temperatures are still mild to cool through the winter. January is coolest when the average high is 12.5C.

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