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Flights to Vatican City

image of Vatican CitySituated within the city of Rome, in Italy, Vatican City is the smallest state in the world, covering an area of about 110 acres and with a population of around 800 people. Synonymous with the Pope, the whole of Vatican City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the only state in the world to be on the list.

There are no airports in Vatican City, however, because it is located in Rome travellers can simply book flights to one of Rome’s airports. The Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino (airport code: FCO) is the closest for flights to Vatican City, and as Italy’s largest airport there are plenty of flights available from South Africa. Flights to Vatican City, landing at FCO are indirect with at least one connection, and available with many of the world’s major airlines including Air France, Emirates, KLM, Swiss, British Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and Lufthansa via one stop-over in their home country.

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The Tourist Attractions of Vatican City:

Whether you’re catholic or not the Vatican City is an important historical and cultural place that’s full of impressive architecture and arts, so it’s certainly worth the visit if you’re heading to Rome anyway. You can’t stay in the Vatican City itself, but being surrounded by the city of Rome there are plenty of hotels and places to stay just outside the walls of the Vatican.

There are two tourist entrances into Vatican City: via the Vatican Museums, and via St Peter’s Basilica. However the Museum entrance closes at 3.30pm on weekdays and 12.20pm on Saturdays so it’s best to visit the museums in the morning because the church is open all day.

Monte Mario

If you don’t mind the climb, scaling the highest hill in Rome, Monte Mario, is a great way to see the Vatican and plenty of Rome itself.

St Peter’s Basilica

St Peter’s Basilica is the highlight of a visit to Vatican City as it’s an extremely beautiful church that’s at the centre of the Catholic world. The outside is impressive while the inside is stunning, featuring its amazing dome designed by Michelangelo. You can actually get up to the top of the dome for some spectacular views. Inside the church you can also visit the crypt of Pop John Paul II.

St Peter’s Piazza is also impressive and it features an obelisk in the centre that was brought from Egypt to Rome in 37 AD.

The Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museum is a stunning art gallery, famous for both its art and its huge spiral staircase, plus of course the wonderful Sistine Chapel with its frescos. You can make your own way around the museum though there is no map given out and there are often lengthy queues to get in. A better way may be to join a guided tour that happens a few times a day, and these can be booked in advance on the internet.

When Should You Visit?:

Being located within Rome, Vatican City enjoys the same great Mediterranean climate as Rome does. Summers are hot and mostly dry with an average high of just under 30C in July and August, while winters are mild but wetter.

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