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Flights to Venice

image of VeniceKnown as being a very romantic city, Venice is one of Europe’s top city attractions and never fails to impress those who visit. This beautiful city is situated in the north of Italy, in the Veneto region, and at one point it was the capital of an independent nation. Now it’s best known for its canals and landmarks.

The main airport serving flights to Venice is the Marco Polo International Airport (airport code: VCE). There is a smaller airport, the Treviso Airport (code: TSF) about 20 kilometres away that usually serves European flights. Nearly a dozen airlines have flights to Venice from South Africa, most with 1 connecting stop. Swiss Air goes through Zurich, and Iberia stops in Madrid. Two-stop flights with either BMI or Virgin Atlantic travel through London and Frankfurt. These options aren’t much longer, but may be more expensive.

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The Tourist Attractions of Venice:

Venice is a truly beautiful city and has many things to see. The most popular attractions are detailed here:

The Grand Canal

Venice is set over a total of 117 small islands and because of this it’s the only fully pedestrianised city in the world. Walking is a great way to get around, though using the city’s many canals is also very popular and gives a more unique perspective of this magical city. Winding its way through the heart of Venice is the Grand Canal, the city’s major transportation corridor. You can get to see many parts of the city by making use of the more modern water taxis and water buses, though many tourists prefer to travel by gondola. Gondola’s are of course more expensive, but this is the traditional way of getting around Venice!

The small canals can be very beautiful with their small bridges crossing them and buildings overlooking them on both sides. Make sure you see some of Venice’s most famous bridges, including Rialto Bridge, and the Bridge of Sighs.

Landmarks in Venice

Of the countless landmarks in Venice there are several you must see, in addition to the famous bridges. St Mark’s Basilica is a stunning cathedral and the most famous church in the city. The striking intricate Byzantine architecture is beautiful, and it’s hard to imagine that this cathedral was completed back in 1094. The bell tower (Campanile de San Marco) stands separate from the cathedral and towers over Venice. From the top there are excellent views of the city.

Saint Mark’s Basilica is of course situated on Venice’s most famous square, St Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco). This large square is the main one in Venice, and in addition to the cathedral the other main building on the square is Doge’s Palace. Preserved as a museum this beautiful building was mainly constructed in the 1300 and 1400’s.

Venice Museums

Doge’s Palace is one of the city’s top museums but there are also numerous other museums to visit in Venice. Some of the most popular are the Correr Museum (on St Mark’s Square), which displays art and historical artefacts, maps, globes and more that chart the history of Venice and the Venetians. The Peggy Guggenheim Museum is small but popular and features works from famous artists including Dali, Pollock and Picasso.

When Should You Visit?:

Though the weather is warmest during the summer, many visitors would argue that this isn’t a good time to visit Venice. It’s very crowded and stuffy during the summer and the canals are said to get quite smelly. Spring and autumn may be the best times to visit as temperatures are mild to warm, Rainfall is common throughout the year.

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