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image of DakovicaIn the west of Kosovo is the city of Dakovica. Like most other cities in Kosovo Dakovica isn’t exactly a tourist destination though if you’re travelling around Kosovo there are several sights to see in Dakovica that could make this a worthwhile stop.

The local airfield is strictly military, so all flights to Dakovica arrive at the main Pristina International Airport (airport code: PRN). From South Africa, you can get a one-stop flight to Dakovica, arriving at Pristina, with either Virgin Atlantic or British Airways. They both transfer in London. For a trip through Cairo and Istanbul, you can book with either Egyptair or South African Airways. Either way, the flight to Dakovica will take between 16 and 20 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Dakovica:

Unless you have an ulterior motive for coming to Dakovica this isn’t somewhere you’d choose as a primary holiday destination. It’s a working town that was badly damaged during the Kosovo War and earlier during the Balkan Wars, so although there is still an old town a lot of Dakovica’s charm has been lost. If you’re travelling around Kosovo Dakovica is somewhere you could spend a day or two visiting, but really there isn’t enough to warrant staying here much longer than that.

If you do want an overnight stay in Dakovica there is a good quality and fairly large hotel here to stay in. There are over 150 guest rooms here as well as a restaurant, recreational facilities, entertainment and shopping here, so plenty of services for visiting guests. Apart from this hotel there are a few much smaller places to stay and these will have basic facilities.

Despite widespread damage the old town of Dakovica has retained some of its traditional charm. This makes it a nice place to wander around. You’ll see narrower streets here, many of which still have their cobble stone paths and roads, plus there are interesting buildings with wood frames and sections overhanging the pavement below. The old market building, which was at the heart of the city, was burnt down during the war. It’s since been reconstructed so this is a good place to go to experience everyday life in Dakovica and pick up a few items too.

While staying in Dakovica head just outside the city to see a great example of an historic bridge. The Terzijski Bridge was first opened in the 15th century and it crosses over the Erenik River. It’s just a pedestrian bridge as it’s too narrow to carry today’s larger vehicles. The bridge was altered in the 18th century and in the 1980s it was restored to its original appearance. Today the bridge is a monument of national importance.

When Should You Visit?:

If you enjoy wandering around city streets then you should definitely visit Dakovica in the summer months. Temperatures at this time are warm to hot and they peak in July and August. Between June and September the weather should be comfortable though. The climate is close to continental in Dakovica so this means winters are cool in comparison to summers and not a good time for wandering around.

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