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image of OrahovacKnown as Orahovac in Serbian but as Rahovec in Albanian, this city in Kosovo is situated in the south west of the country and is about an hour’s drive away from the capital, Pristina. The town itself isn’t particularly large but the municipality includes 35 villages surrounding Rahovac.

The closest airport to Orahovac is the Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari (airport code: PRN), about 40 kilometres away in Pristina. From South Africa, both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have 1-stop flights to Orahovac that connect in London, and Turkish Airlines also stops once but in Istanbul. Lufthansa offers a 2-stop route, and they have transfers in Munich and Vienna. Flights to Orahovac Rahovec typically take between 13 and 18 hours when departing from Johannesburg.

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The Tourist Attractions of Orahovac:

While Kosovo does have a number of tourist destinations and attractions, Orahovac really isn’t one of them. This is a medium sized town that has everything the locals need on a day to day basis, and although there is accommodation here for tourists, it’s really more of a stopping off point when travelling across the country.

There’s nothing that really stands out for tourists in Orahovac Rahovec as the main industry is agriculture, followed by sand and gravel. Vineyards were quite successful before the war, but are not being managed as well as they once were and hence production is lower. No doubt owners of vineyards would be delighted to give you a tour of their facility though, especially if you went on to buy several bottles of wine!

The vineyards are literally just outside the centre of Orahovac so they’re easy to get to, and with some being set into the hillsides you can appreciate some lovely views over the town from here too.


The historic city of Prizren isn’t too far from Orahovac, and is easily accessible if you have a rental car. You’ll find there are far more tourist attractions here than there are in Orahovac. The main sights of Prizren include historic mosques such as the Sinan Pasha Mosque that was built in 1615. There’s also the Mosque of Muderis Ali Efendi, and the minaret of the Arasta Mosque.

Our Lady of Ljevis is part of the Medieval Monuments of Kosovo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s a 12th century Serbian Orthodox church. In Prizren you can also visit the Shadervan district which is the tourist side of the town and has some lovely old buildings and numerous cafes and restaurants to enjoy.


Also within fast access of Orahovac is the capital of Kosovo, Pristina. This city doesn’t have quite the same charm or appeal of Prizren but there are tourist attractions anyway. The Museum of Kosovo is an interesting visit, while the Clock Tower is a famous landmark.

When Should You Visit?:

Orahovac is best visited during the summer months when the temperatures will be on the hot side and there’s average rainfall. In July and August you might get temperatures in the high 20’s C, and either side of this the months are also warm. Winters in contrast can be cold and snowy, so not a good time for visiting.

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