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image of PrizrenSituated in the Sar Mountains, the city of Prizren is in southern Kosovo. Because this territory has changed hands so many times, Prizren today is a mix of cultural and architectural styles.

Located about 50 kilometres away from Prizren is the Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari (airport code: PRN) which is where international flights to Prizren will arrive. There are regular buses between the two cities. Flights with either Virgin Atlantic or British Airways will make one connection in London when travelling from South Africa, but South African Airways has a route through Zurich instead. You can also go through Zurich with Swiss Air instead, for the roughly 14 hour flight to Prizren.

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The Tourist Attractions of Prizren:

Sinan Pasha Mosque

Built in the early 1600s, the blue-domed Sinan Pasha Mosque is right in the heart of Prizren. Many of the elaborate painted murals were more recently painted but the floor is still the original stone. It is still in use as a mosque, so be respectful when you visit. If you enjoy the architecture of old mosques, you should also visit the Mosque of Kuklibeu, and the Mosque of Muderis Ali Efendi while in Prizren.

Shadervan Square

Shadervan Square is a popular place for tourists to walk because of all the shops, historic buildings, statues and a large fountain, making this a centre point of Prizren.

Turkish Bathhouse

Also known as the Gazi Mehmet Pasha Hamam, this is a large Turkish bathhouse that was built during the Ottoman era. It’s impressive from the outside, but for many tourists this is all you will see as you are seldom permitted to explore inside. Sometimes though, the buildings are occasionally used as a venue for museum exhibits. The site is closer to ruins than a building but is still one of the major landmarks of Prizren.

Saint Archangels Monastery

The Saint Archangels Monastery complex had 2 churches but today there are only outlines and ruins of where the buildings used to be. One of the monastery buildings has been reconstructed for visitors, and is actually being used as an active monastery today.

Sar Mountians National Park

If you want to get out of Prizren for a while, head to the east and the Sar Mountains National Park. The northern slopes of the mountains make up the park, which is within the boundaries of Kosovo. The park is mountainous and heavily wooded, and home to many species of animals such as the chamois, lynx, bear and wild boar. There is a ski resort within the park as well.

Kalaja Castle

Overlooking Prizren from a high ridge is the old Kalaja Castle (or Fortress). It was once an important citadel and though it has been weathered somewhat by hundreds of years of time, it is still in remarkably good shape. The high walls, ramparts and the view of the city make it worth climbing up the hill.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers are quite hot in Prizren, reaching around 28C (83F) between June, July and August. But then the winters drop to freezing temperatures in December and January. You are best to schedule your trip in either late spring or early autumn for the best weather. October and April for example, are very comfortable for most local sight-seeing.

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