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image of UrosevacLocated in southern Kosovo, the town is known as Urosevac in Serbian, but also as Ferizaj in Albanian. There are few attractions right in Urosevac itself, though that can make it appealing to people who prefer a less “touristy” destination to see the local Kosovo culture. From here, you can take day-trips to the larger nearby cities for additional sights.

The Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari (airport code: PRN) is the most convenient location for flights to Urosevac because it is only 22 kilometres away. One-stop flights to Urosevac are available from South Africa with Turkish Airlines for a stop-over in Istanbul, or with either British Airways or Virgin Atlantic. They both have their connections in London. If you fly with Lufthansa instead, there will be two transfers, in Munich and in Vienna.

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The Tourist Attractions of Urosevac:

Church and Mosque

It’s not very often you find a mosque and church together on the same property, so this tends to attract people looking for unusual photos. The Mosque of Mulla Veseli, and St. Uros Orthodox Cathedral are a representation of the tolerance between religions in Urosevac.

Sar Mountains National Park

South of Urosevac is the Sar Mountains National Park, a wonderful place to hike and see some local wilderness. It’s a mountainous area with thickly forested sections. If you are there in the winter, there are skiing facilities as well. Wildlife in the park includes wild board, bear, wolf, lynx and many species of birds. You can hike through the park, or stick to the main road if you prefer to drive through.


Pristina is the capital city of Kosovo, and not far straight north of Urosevac. You’ll find all manner of big-city amenities here, including the Museum of Kosovo, the Jashar Pasha Mosque and the large Germia Park. The Gracanica Monastery is another historic site just outside of the city. Also just outside the city are a set of caves, near Gadimje, which is actually closer to Urosevac than Pristina is. There are not a lot of other tourist attractions here, but the city is large enough to offer a lot of great shopping and even some night life activities.


Prizren is south-west of Urosevac and on the other side of the Sar Mountain park. It’s a diverse city with many great sights to see. The Sinan Pasha Mosque dates to the early 1600s and can be found in the middle of town with its unmistakable blue dome. Kalaja Castle is an old fortress up above town and worth the hike up to see. You can also just walk around the main Shadervan Square for a little shopping and dining.

When Should You Visit?:

There are definitely four distinct seasons in Urosevac, with hot summers and cold winters. Winters will be below freezing during December and January, and June through August will reach 28C (83F) in the daytime. To avoid the extremes, plan your trip to Urosevac in spring or autumn, particularly in either October or April to get the best weather for travel.

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