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image of JekabpilsJekabpils is a relatively small town in Latvia, located just south and east of the centre of the country, and quite a way inland from the Baltic Sea. Though only small Jekabpils does have some tourist attractions and is set in an attractive landscape.

The nearest airport for international flights to Jekabpils is the Riga International Airport (airport code: RIX), and there are regular trains between Riga and Jekabpils. One-stop flights to Jekabpils are offered on Turkish Airlines, South African Airways and Lufthansa, flying from South Africa. The first stops in Istanbul, and the second two both connect in Frankfurt. Austrian Airlines has 2 conencting stops, in Frankfurt and then again in Vienna. Flights to Jekabpils can range between 18 and 20 hours when coming from Johannesburg.

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The Tourist Attractions of Jekabpils:

Compared to Latvia’s popular capital city, Riga, Jekabpils is a small town and has only a handful of things to see and do, but it’s pretty all the same and worth a trip if you want to see more of the real Latvia. It’s actually a good place to stop if you’re travelling to Dugavpils as Jekabpils is about half way between here and Riga. And, like Daugavpils, Jekabpils is situated on the River Daugava.

Jekabpils was first established back in 1237 when a castle was built here by the Livonian Order. There was a village settlement with the castle though it was known by a different name in those days, and the village was destroyed many times during sieges. Jekabpils actually became a town in 1670. Several years earlier Old Believers from Russia had come here to escape persecution and they settled along the Daugava River. A tavern was built and the settlement quickly grew.

The main attraction of Jekabpils is the older parts of the town. Some of these streets have been very well preserved so a visit here can often whisk tourists back in time! There are two older parts and these are connected via a bridge over the Daugava River. The whole of the Daugava River around Jekabpils is considered to be very picturesque, making this a nice place to enjoy riverside walks, bird watching and more.

There are several attractions just outside Jekabpils too, and within easy reach of the town. Two castle sites exist, Justine Castle and Dugnaja Castle. There’s a memorial museum to a famous Latvian poet and playwright, Rainis, close by to Jekabpils, plus a similar memorial museum to the famous Latvian writer, Janis Jaunsudrabins, within the Jekabpils District.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers are a good time to visit Jekabpils as you can expect warm temperatures and average highs of around the low 20’s C. Unfortunately this can also be the wetter time of year, but if you don’t enjoy the cold, then visiting during summer is your best bet! Pack an umbrella or rain coat and you should be well enough prepared for any summer showers! Winters can be quite cold in Jekabpils with average high temperatures below zero so if you’re planning to visit during the winter you’ll certainly need plenty of warm clothing.

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