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Flights to Jurmala

image of JurmalaThe resort town of Jurmala is situated on the coast of Latvia, on the Gulf of Riga. Jurmala is Latvia’s fifth largest city and is just 32 kilometres from the capital, Riga, making this city easy to access. Jurmala itself offers a beautiful white sand beach and has long been a popular getaway destination for Latvians.

Flights to Jurmala come to the Riga International Airport (airport code: RIX) which is reachable by a short ride on public bus. From South Africa you can fly to Riga with Lufthansa making one connection in Frankfurt, and that is also the route offered by South African Airways. You can also have a transfer in Istanbul if you book with Turkish Airlines. Most flights to Jurmala from Johannesburg will be around 17 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Jurmala:

International tourists may not have yet heard of Jurmala, but this seaside resort town has been attracting Latvians and some Europeans for many, many decades. In fact it was in the 18th and 19th centuries that Jurmala first started attracting tourists when it gained its reputation as a spa town, and tourists started to come here for lengthy holidays in which they enjoyed the warm weather, the beach, the mineral springs and the sea. Many sanatoriums were opened in Jurmala to cater for these earlier tourists who came here to be healed and to relax, with the heyday coming for the city when a railway linked it to Riga in 1877.

Jurmala’s Beaches

The sanatoriums may no longer be here but Jurmala does have some more modern day spas and health resorts to make use of. Most of the tourists coming here today simply want to do their own unwinding on the famous beach; a white sand natural beach that spans a distance of 33 kilometres.

The beach makes its way shallowly into the Gulf of Riga, making this a popular spot for families and weak swimmers, and all along the beach you’ll find extra facilities such as playgrounds, sports fields and courts.

The beach and the city of Jurmala actually consists of over a dozen smaller communities, each with their own unique attractions and appeal, and there are numerous beach-side hotels and accommodation to choose from when visiting Jurmala.

Jurmala’s Wooden Buildings

When you want a break away from the beach you can take in the architecture of Jurmala. The city is unique for its huge number of wooden buildings; there are said to be over 4,000 of them! The historic architecture dates mainly from the 19th and early 20th century and many of them were built by Baltic German and Latvian architects.

Visiting Riga

Jurmala is a great location for exploring some of the best attractions of Latvia. The capital of the country, Riga, is only a short distance away and can be accessed by road or rail. Trains take only around 30 minutes so you can benefit from staying in Jurmala and travelling in to Riga for a day trip when you want to see its sights.

When Should You Visit?:

Being a seaside resort town summers are definitely the best time to visit Jurmala. The weather is warm, but not too hot, and it’s quite sunny, despite rainfall levels. Average highs will be around the low 20’s C in June, July and August, with daytime highs peaking higher than this. Winters are quite long, while spring and autumn seasons are short, so either side of summer temperatures are quite a lot lower. In the winter there’s always snowfall and average highs around zero.

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