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Flights to Rezekne

image of RezekneIn the east of Latvia, situated in the heart of the Latgalia region of the country, the city of Rezekne is a fairly small and attractive destination, most famous for its castle ruins.

Unfortunately, there are no airports in the vicinity of Rezekne. The nearest one for flights to Rezekne is the Tartu Airport (airport code: TAY) and it is around 200 kilometres away. There are regular buses for the nearly 5 hour trip between Tartu and the city. Lufthansa and British Midland both offer the same route for flights to Rezekne, arriving in Tartu via Frankfurt and Tallinn, but South African Airways goes via London and then Tallinn for their flight. This is also the same route that Virgin Atlantic flies for its flight to Rezekne arriving in Tartu.

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The Tourist Attractions of Rezekne:

Rezekne is a relatively small city with a population of only around 36,000 people, yet it is still the seventh largest city in Latvia. Being situated close to the border with Russia, and at the intersection of two major railways, Rezekne is nevertheless an important city and a good base for exploring the Latgalia region of eastern Latvia.

Tourists will find there are several hotels to choose from in Rezekne, some conveniently situated right in the centre of the city. Standards may not be as high as in some Western European cities but you’ll find comfortable and often spacious guest rooms all the same.

Rezekne Castle

The main landmark and tourist attraction of Rezekne is Rezekne Castle. A hill fort stood on this site between the 9th and 13th centuries until being destroyed by German Crusaders. In 1285 a new castle was built and it is the ruins of this castle that can be seen here today. This castle was two storeys high and built of stone whereas the first fortress was a more primitive construction, built of wood. Many battles saw Rezekne Castle destroyed on a number of occasions and each time it was again rebuilt. When the castle was destroyed around the middle of the 17th century it was finally left to ruin.

Churches in Rezekne

Rezekne’s history has meant that a number of religious orders have settled here over time, leading to a diverse mix of churches to be seen here today. Rezekne Cathedral can be considered the main religious building of the city. It is a catholic cathedral that was built between 1893 and 1914, and is situated on Castle Hill. This makes the cathedral the dominating landmark for Rezekne and also offers some lovely city views. It was built over the foundations of an earlier wooden church that dated from the 17th century.

As you wander the city, look out for the other churches that Rezekne is home to. These include the Old Believers Church, a Russian Orthodox Church, the Lutheran Holy Trinity Church, and another catholic church, Our Lady of Sorrows.

When Should You Visit?:

Finding the best time to visit Rezekne can be a little challenging because the warmest time to visit is in the summer, yet this is also the wettest time of year. If you’re coming to Rezekne for sightseeing though, winters are not recommended as the continental climate makes it cold here.

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