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Flights to Eschen

image of EschenThe town of Eschen is situated in the north of the tiny country of Liechtenstein. Eschen has a population of only just over 4,000 people yet it’s the fourth largest town in the country, and although it’s not as well known as some of Liechtenstein’s other cities, Eschen does have some landmarks to see and things to do.

There are no airports at all in Liechtenstein, so you won’t be able to get a direct flight to Eschen from South Africa. It’s only 30 kilometres to the St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport (airport code: ACH) though, which is located in Switzerland and ideal for flights to Eschen. These all have 2 connections when leaving from Johannesburg; British Airways stops in London and Vienna, and so does Virgin Atlantic. Austrian Airlines has another route with connections in Frankfurt and Vienna.

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The Tourist Attractions of Eschen:

The good thing about visiting Liechtenstein as a tourist is that you’re never far away from the country’s attractions! Liechtenstein is so small that it doesn’t really matter where in the country you choose to stay for your visit, whether you opt for the larger and better known towns and cities or some of the lesser known ones like Eschen.

If you do choose Eschen it’s possible that you might be able to get your hotel accommodation at a cheaper rate than in Vaduz (the capital), or Schaan (the largest city). There is a hotel on the outskirts of Eschen called Hotel Fernsicht, or by travelling just a few kilometres to the neighbouring town of Nerdeln you can benefit from several more accommodation choices.

Eschen Church

Right in the heart of the town is one of the major landmarks, Eschen Church, otherwise known as Pfarrkirche St Martin. This attractive church is a striking white with near black coloured roof and a single clock tower at the front. It’s fairly typical architecture for this part of Europe as it’s got an alpine feel to it, and of course, being Liechtenstein the mountains are never far away.

Eschen Swimming Pool

If you’re craving some leisure activities while visiting Eschen you should make a visit to the local swimming pool. The indoor swimming pool is a modern pool that offers lanes for swimming alongside a far deeper section of the pool for diving. There are several diving boards here if you’re brave enough to jump from them!

Scenery in Eschen

You only need look around you to enjoy some of the fantastic scenery that surrounds Eschen. There’s a backdrop of mountains to gaze at, and they look wonderful in summer or winter, plus there are rolling hillsides just outside the centre of Eschen that can be reached in a matter of minutes. These areas are great for walking and taking in the scenery.

When Should You Visit?:

The alpine scenery does look amazing in the winter, shrouded in snow, but this isn’t really a good time to visit Eschen for sightseeing. Winters are cold and snowy after all. In the summer the weather is far better suited to sightseeing, and though it doesn’t get hot temperatures can be warm and humid.

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