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image of SchaanSchaan is a municipality within the small European country of Liechtenstein. It’s not the capital of the country but it is considered to be the largest municipality, offering a range of hotels, restaurants, bars, and culture, amidst attractive surroundings.

There are no airports at all in Liechtenstein so you won’t be able to actually book a flight to Schaan. The nearest airport for visitors who want to get a flight to Schaan is the Zurich International Airport (airport code: ZRH) in neighboring Switzerland. It’s approximately 80 kilometres from Zurich to Schaan, and the drive is very scenic. When coming from Johannesburg, you can get a non-stop flight to Zurich with Swiss Air, or a 1-stop flight with Iberia that connects in Madrid. South African Airways stops in Munich, and so does Lufthansa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Schaan:

On the surface Schaan doesn’t appear to offer too much in the way of specific tourist attractions, but this depends on what you enjoy seeing and doing. It’s a beautiful town surrounded by mountains and containing the perfect mix of traditional alpine architecture and modern buildings. There are several attractive churches to visit, and history to experience.

Historical Schaan

Schaan is believed to be one of the oldest settlements in Liechtenstein, dating back to Roman times, and there are still some remains of this historic settlement to see in Schaan today.

St Peter’s Church is thought to be the oldest church in Liechtenstein as the oldest remains of the church foundations date back to the 5th or 6th century and form part of the walls of a late Roman fortress. Though the church that stands here today is not this old it is still around 500 years old.

Three other churches of note can also be seen in Schaan. The remains of the St Laurentius Old Parish Church include only its tower which is thought to date from around 1100. The St Laurentius New Parish Church was built in 1893 and was extensively renovated through the 1960s and 1970s.

Finally the Chapel of St Mary of Consolation is worth visiting for its differences to the other churches in Schaan. This is the only church in Liechtenstein with a mainly original interior in the baroque style that dates from the early 1700s.

Culture in Schaan

Visitors seeking some cultural attractions will find several in Schaan. Schaan is home to the region’s main theatre, Theatre on the Kirchplatz, where you might be able to catch a performance from the wide variety of plays and shows that take place here.

Schaan is also considered to be the centre for carnival celebrations in Liechtenstein, so visiting during Carnival (dates according to when Lent falls) is a good idea if you want to experience this popular and lively festival.

When Should You Visit?:

Like the rest of Liechtenstein, Schaan has a mild to cold climate. Summers are the best time to visit for sightseeing and July is the hottest month with average highs of around 23C. Rainfall is common throughout the year, though the summer is by far the wettest time so you’ll have to sacrifice warm weather for rain! Winters are cool but not horribly so – the average high in January is still several degrees above zero.

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