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image of TriesenTriesen is a small municipality by most country’s standards, with only around 5,000 people living here, but it’s actually the third largest in the Principality of Liechtenstein! Triesen covers an area of just 26.4 square kilometres so there’s not too much space for tourist attractions!

Triesen doesn’t have an airport of its own for direct flight to Triesen from South Africa, but the Zurich Airport (airport code: ZRH) is the nearest one with good international flight connections. It is about 110 kilometres from Zurich to Triesen. There are regular shuttle buses for transit between the two. You can get a non-stop flight to Triesen, arriving in Zurich, with either Swiss Air or South African Airways and a one-stop flight with Lufthansa will go through Munich. Virgin Atlantic is another option, and they stop once in London.

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The Tourist Attractions of Triesen:

Liechtenstein is only a small country but it’s very wealthy! It’s divided into 11 municipalities, of which Triesen is one, and it’s the only country to lie entirely within the Alps mountain range. The mountain scenery and recreational opportunities in Triesen and Liechtenstein as a whole, make this a popular destination in both the summer and the winter, and scenic sightseeing can be combined with culture and history in the form of museums, historical buildings and more.

The municipality of Triesen is in the south of Liechtenstein; in the region called Oberland (meaning upper land). And because Liechtenstein is so small you’re never far away from the other ten municipalities and all the attractions they have to offer, so you shouldn’t look at visiting Triesen as a single place. Consider visiting Triesen but using this as a base for exploring everything else in Liechtenstein too.

In Triesen itself you have several landmarks to head for. The municipality is home to a number of churches that date from the 15th century so these have cultural and historical value for Triesen. Another landmark, and one that’s considered a historical monument of Liechtenstein, is an old weaving mill that dates from 1863. The textile industry was a major industry during the 1800’s and actually today still accounts for a sizeable portion of the country’ economy.

Elsewhere in Liechtenstein

Getting around Liechtenstein is not difficult as the distances between one town or municipality and the next are very small! There is a bus transport network connecting many places, or you could rent a car and have the freedom to go exactly where you want to.

However you travel, there are a number of tourist attractions in Liechtenstein you won’t want to miss. There are several castles such as the home of the Prince of Liechtenstein, Vaduz Castle, plus Balzers Castle to see. The scenery all around Triesen and the rest of the country is simply beautiful so this is an attraction in itself. And there are a couple of museums if you’re into culture.

When Should You Visit?:

Unless you’re coming for winter sports you won’t want to visit Triesen in the winter as the weather is cool and snowy. Summers are mild, but this is also on average the wetter time of year. The average high in July is 23C, while the average high in January, the coolest month is 3.5C.

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