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image of AlytusAlytus is the sixth largest city in Lithuania and is situated in the south of the country. Alytus isn’t a major tourist destination for international tourists though there are some attractions here and the city is easy to get to, being equidistant from Vilnius and Kaunas.

Alytus doesn’t have an airport, but the Vilnius International Airport (airport code: VNO) is about 100 kilometres away and is the ideal arrival point for flights to Alytus. Regular public buses run between the two cities. Travelling from South Africa you can get a one-stop flight to Alytus with Brussels Airlines, South African Airways or Lufthansa. They all have the same route through Frankfurt. Virgin Atlantic and British Airways go via Frankfurt too, but they also make a connection in London first. Some flights to Alytus are around 17 hours but most are closer to 27.

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The Tourist Attractions of Alytus:

Situated on the River Nemunas, Alytus has a picturesque setting with rolling hills, forests and countryside surrounding the city. International tourism hasn’t been particularly big here in the past but visitor numbers are on the increase as more hotels and other attractions are added. There are several events and attractions that make Alytus stand out, such as the City Days festival every June, plus there are museums, monuments and landmarks to see too.

St Louis’s Church

The history of St Louis’s Church is closely tied to the history of Alytus as both were founded in the same year, 1524. The original church was a wooden construction so it seemed inevitable that it would eventually suffer destruction by a fire. Surprisingly this didn’t happen until 1818, when a new stone church was built alongside the old church. This newer church is in the classical style and is the oldest church in Alytus.

Monuments in Alytus

Alytus has a large number of sculptures positioned around the city, all commemorating an event or part of the culture of Alytus. There are nearly 20 monuments altogether, and include greats like The Angel of Freedom which was originally constructed in 1928. It commemorates the first ten years of independence for Lithuania, and has been struck by lightning and destroyed; rebuilt; and brought down for political reasons.

Museums of Alytus

Considering Alytus isn’t a very large city it’s impressive that there are around a dozen museums on offer for tourists to visit. A major museum for Alytus is the Museum of Ethnography which was founded in 1928 and now has a collection of over 65,000 items. The items relate to Southern Lithuania and are historical, archaeological and ethnological in nature.

Memorial Farmstead is a different kind of museum set within the birthplace of Lithuanian painter Antanas Zmuidzinavicius. This is a pleasant place to visit, outside of Alytus in the village of Balkunai.

When Should You Visit?:

Warm though a little rainy is the kind of weather you’ll find in Alytus during the summer months, when average highs are around 22C (July and August). Despite a little more rain than the rest of the year, summers in Alytus are sunny though, making this an ideal time to visit. In contrast, winters are cold and dark, and average highs are freezing or below from December to February.

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